Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Urgent Request!! - SEND MOTIVATION!

So .... it has been awhile since we have posted an update regarding Jan's weight loss, and Darleen - well doing anything. Excuse this time, is that Darleen has been sick and lazing about like Mr Leopard above.

Current Update
Jan's Weight Loss Adventure

Jan has stuck with her Jenny Craig diet, and exercise program with Curves and Yoga!
Total weight loss = 13.5 lbs! Wow! Excellent, and she has done this with several family parties, and get-a-way weekend, and other changes in routine. Exercise is starting to become a habit for her. She enjoys it and feels bad when she has to skip it. This is amazing. Jan and Mr Jan, are off on their celebration weekend, in honor of their 25th anniversary - feeling fine and able to maintain!
I am betting she will soon be at 20 lbs total weight loss.
With new good habits, even Christmas will not sabotage her.
WOO HOO!! Way to go Jan!

Darleen's Adventure in Finding Purpose and Happiness

This is a sad update, as Darleen has been able to guide Jan, with support, motivation and inspiration. BUT - yes there that word is again - she has not been able to motivate herself very well.
Tomorrow is always the answer.
It has now got to point that Jan is regurgitating the motivational, inspiring messags back to Darleen in daily texting conversations.

Darleen: I wish one day I could wake up feeling refreshed, and energy would surge into me

.Jan: Then that is what you have to envision for yourself. Look forward to what an be, rather than back at what was and even what is..

Darleen:  Sounds familiar :)

Jan: Don't you just hate it when your own words come back to bite you :) Was good advice for me so should work for you too!

Darleen: Do as I say, not as I Do syndrome or Are You an Example or Warning?

Jan: I like to think you're an example for me so get your thoughts organized and practice what you preach :)

SO .....  Send  motivation and inspiration



...darleen & jan

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update re Quit Smoking Project #FAIL

Quit Smoking #Fail
I have not been successful with the Quit Smoking Project - lasted about 3 weeks. Ahh... hmmm..
It is difficult. I am a loser. Why?  If I had the answers - I would be a non-smoker.
However - each time I do actually get much closer.

I will try again. As it is all that I can do, as must do!

That is all.