Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here We GO .... again .. How to Lose Weight!

We are at it again. Losing weight that is. Not sure if it is old weight,  or new weight that we gained after we lost the last time  past several times. BUT ...we may be finally getting it right.

.... Maybe...

Darleen is using a modified method after noticing that her main issue (well maybe not main) ... regarding loosing weight at least has been that she has trouble eating breakfast. Or she eats breakfast at about lunch time, and very little except coffee until then. So how to get some vitamins, protein and calories in first thing to get the .. motor running kinda thing. By chance the Charming Prince in residence, happened to find a chocolate mocha drink high in protein and vitamins -
Bolthouse --> Perfectly Protein® Mocha Cappuccino . 
 It is delicious, and I have 8 oz each morning within 1 hour of waking (or getting out of bed -- which ever comes first). I then have 8 oz of water, and then .... my coffee with slop of 1% milk.  
Snack has become cereal - gluten-free or some healthy low sugar that I douse with milk and berries - strawberries, blueberries, blackberries - whatever berries I can find. And more water.  Lunch is light - salad, salmon sandwich on organic seedy bread (lots of grain thingies) .. and raw fruit and veggies. More water. Afternoon snack is an apple of cheese if I feel loss of energy.... and yep more water. Supper/dinner has become lacking in potatoes or pasta and most evenings have salad with grilled chicken and veggies and light on dressing.  More water. PLUS exercise!!
YES!!!   --  Exercise .. and that is more than walking to the fridge or stretching for the ice cream scoop!
Real exercise - and yes the first 2 weeks was brutal and I could barely move in between sessions. If you have never heard of a terrific herbal remedy  Traumeel >  well it works!!
Zumba!!  Yes taking ZUMBA twice a week for 8 weeks got me out of the rut ... and onto the street. I and the Charming Prince walk each night (rarely missing any) at least 4.2km per night. Or 2.61 miles. This has resulted in almost 20 lbs of weight loss and most days feeling better.

1) Breakfast

2) WATER  - at least 2 liters of water per day
- potatoes, sugar, white bread, rice, pasta, ice cream, pop, desserts, half portion of meals,
candy, cookies, alcohol (except on weekends - 1beverage followed by a lot of water) ...

4) Exercise - must be the 10,000 steps PLUS something else to let the body know you mean it.

Jan.. is doing the 17 day Dr Mike Diet ... more to come on that.

 ... personally I think they would sell more books 
if they put Dr Mike's photo on the front of the book ... 
and maybe scattered throughout :)

I am taking a rest from Zumba and actually missing it. ...  

Get yourself some water and Zumba ... Ahhh along ..

...darleen & jan