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Friday, November 12, 2010

Urgent Request!! - SEND MOTIVATION!

So .... it has been awhile since we have posted an update regarding Jan's weight loss, and Darleen - well doing anything. Excuse this time, is that Darleen has been sick and lazing about like Mr Leopard above.

Current Update
Jan's Weight Loss Adventure

Jan has stuck with her Jenny Craig diet, and exercise program with Curves and Yoga!
Total weight loss = 13.5 lbs! Wow! Excellent, and she has done this with several family parties, and get-a-way weekend, and other changes in routine. Exercise is starting to become a habit for her. She enjoys it and feels bad when she has to skip it. This is amazing. Jan and Mr Jan, are off on their celebration weekend, in honor of their 25th anniversary - feeling fine and able to maintain!
I am betting she will soon be at 20 lbs total weight loss.
With new good habits, even Christmas will not sabotage her.
WOO HOO!! Way to go Jan!

Darleen's Adventure in Finding Purpose and Happiness

This is a sad update, as Darleen has been able to guide Jan, with support, motivation and inspiration. BUT - yes there that word is again - she has not been able to motivate herself very well.
Tomorrow is always the answer.
It has now got to point that Jan is regurgitating the motivational, inspiring messags back to Darleen in daily texting conversations.

Darleen: I wish one day I could wake up feeling refreshed, and energy would surge into me

.Jan: Then that is what you have to envision for yourself. Look forward to what an be, rather than back at what was and even what is..

Darleen:  Sounds familiar :)

Jan: Don't you just hate it when your own words come back to bite you :) Was good advice for me so should work for you too!

Darleen: Do as I say, not as I Do syndrome or Are You an Example or Warning?

Jan: I like to think you're an example for me so get your thoughts organized and practice what you preach :)

SO .....  Send  motivation and inspiration



...darleen & jan

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update re Quit Smoking Project #FAIL

Quit Smoking #Fail
I have not been successful with the Quit Smoking Project - lasted about 3 weeks. Ahh... hmmm..
It is difficult. I am a loser. Why?  If I had the answers - I would be a non-smoker.
However - each time I do actually get much closer.

I will try again. As it is all that I can do, as must do!

That is all.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Eat Dog Biscuits to Quit Smoking

Kill the craving

"My cousin smoked for 20 years. She quit in an interesting way—she started eating Milkbone dog biscuits! She chewed on them to kill the craving and she quit." — Chris T., New York, N.Y.








 I was asked what nicotine withdrawal, and why it is so difficult to ignore. We all know that it is difficult to quit, and that there are multiple reasons for this. BUT, those that have never smoked, find it difficult to understand why it is SO difficult.

What does it feel like?

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Cravings to smoke - 100 times more than craving for chocolate or that food you are not to have.
  • Irritable, cranky  - but seems like everyone else is being unreasonable
  • Insomnia  - or tired and when sleeping don't think about smoking
  • Fatigue  - lack of stimulant
  • Inability to Concentrate -- brain does not work > I gave out wrong cell # for myself
  • Headache  -- oooh yeah
  • Cough   - all that stuff starts to be hacked up
  • Sore throat  -  yep more release of garbage
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain  -- lack of nicotine
  • Dry mouth  - have no idea why
  • Sore tongue and/or gums -- yes mouth hurts, and start to imagine already quit too late
  • Postnasal drip  - again body is releasing junk
  • Tightness in the chest  - tension I assume ..
  • Crave bitter drinks and food - pepsi, coffee, ginger
  • Urge to inhale - deep breathing helps a bit

Ways to Manage

The Five D's: DELAY  DISTRACT DRINK water DEEP Breaths  DISCUSS feelings 
     There are a few other techniques:
    Visualization has been used successfully for some and others not so good.
    Support Groups


    I am still learning about this, and the Tapping required to overcome cravings - for quitting smoking and also can be used for plethora of other issues - very successfully.

    I have been trying to find an exciting video to demonstrate, however cannot find the perfect video.
    Maybe I shall have to make a video that is EXCITING EFT.

    Please review this until I can find or create something more exciting:

    Also see:


      How to Quit Smoking Without Being Arrested

      Darleen has managed to get through the weekend, without smoking 
      - just barely. It is not easy.

      Steps to Becoming a Non Smoker
      I prepared with all the reasons, reading  books, listening to CDs , gathered gum and nicorette.
      I did not sign-up to any Quit Sites, as expect that all would come to a sudden halt, and reject me - there must be a limit to how many times you can actually 'try' to quit.
      The very first time I tried to quit, was probably the day after I started in 1971 - and the total number of times I have tried must exceed 200. Some tries did not even last 1 hour! The longest to date has been  8 months.

      What is different about this time?
      One thing.
      I know how to quit - just quit.
      I know how to prepare - have an official manual.
      I know how my body will react - have foods and extra low calorie snacks ready.
      I know my mind will try and negotiate - and have exercises and answers ready.
      I have done this before.

      The One Thing that is Different
      I am asking to be RELEASED from the addiction. As that is what is holding me.
      I am ADDICTED.
      I cannot think of freedom or how will get my life back - as my ADDICTION will convince me that it is fine to have just one puff, just one smoke, just one ...
      I chant (in my head), while I breathe deeply - "release, release, release" and calm myself.

      Your Support is appreciated.

      ... darleen

      Monday, September 27, 2010

      How to Shrink Your Gut - menopot or other

      This post is longer than usual.  It is worth the read! - My gut has outgrown my wardrobe

      OH, but yes, since we are female and over 50 years of age - menopot it is called. 
      And we should not have expectations to be able to lose the menopot entirely.

      Menopot Definition: Flab around the middle. Other words used to describe - 'muffin top'.
      The equivalent for men over 40 and 50 = 'Gut' and 'Beer Belly'. Or 'middle-age spread' and 'spare tire'!

      YES!! This is one of the reasons we want to diet. We want to lose our guts!! Our clothes do not fit as we would like, we feel 'frumpy'. We don't care as much about getting older, if we could just feel comfortable without having to wear maternity style baggy shirts. Yes, the younger women show off their pregnant tummies, but we are from the age that anything baggy = maternity wear. We do not like to be reminded of those days, our bodies were temporarily stolen from us by the parasitic-like incubating progeny. Once we have birthed our babies and moved on towards our Golden Years - we want our bodies to represent our glee! We deserve this, after all we have given. Others that have escaped pregnancy, still have challenges with the 'menopot' due to declining estrogen directing extra fat to our abdomens.

      Men also wish to lose  this additional fat around the middle - apparently due to sagging egos. I imagine that they also face the mirror not quite as happily as we do, and loosening belts cause similar frustrations.

      Millions of dollars are spent for miracle cures to eliminate the menopot and the equivalent male gut.
      There is some good advice sprinkled through the MAGIC.
      The answer is there is NO MAGIC.

      As Noted at Flourish Over 50 >
      Here is an excerpt from Dr. Peeke’s article on WebMD regarding Menopot, and how to battle its effects.
      I’m going to assume you really want to change and you’re willing to get down to work right now. OK, before you get started, whip a tape measure around your waist across your belly button. Your goal is to be well below 35 inches. If you’re 35 or greater, you have too much belly fat and that’s associated with increased heart disease and diabetes. Keep this in mind as you begin your journey.
      Here are the three belly-blasting steps to get you started and on your way to whittling your waist.
      And includes such wonderful advice as visualization, monitoring what goes in your mouth and when you eat, and here is the good stuff:
      Work your body. The magic formula to blast your belly is a combination of cardio + weight lifting + core work.
      It’s great to get in some kind of cardio every day, but just make sure to hit it hard no less than four to five times week. Weight training is vital if you want to see a real shape shifting in your body composition.
      Uhuh - sure, so when does the visualization start?
      We can visualize we are exercising 5 times a week. There done. Oh you have to actually do the exercising and eating properly. Why, I didn't have to do that when I was 25?
      Ahh the runaway estrogen trick.

      And for an extra ZINGER 
      It is actually true that men can lose their extra weight faster and easier than women. BUT, I have found that they as well have more issues over age 50 in getting rid of the  middle-age spread spare tire. It may be due to a physiological reason the  male-menopause. YES!!

      Ok, so we know it happens to the majority of us
      - what can be done to at least be more comfortable in our bodies and feel better?

      No Bon Bons Girls 
      - trials, tribulations and testimonial weight loss journey:


      Wednesday, September 15, 2010

      How I Survived being Captured by My Grandchildren

       'What are you doing? '
      Don't Hurt Yourself!!!

       Ahh, that phrase again! I heard myself first whispering and then frantically yelling.
       How many times has my heartbeat raced, and my body taken quick action to rescue one of my own children, another child or now my grandchildren? Or myself?

      Since I have some free time available currently, I decided it was perfect time to spend with my grandchildren. My daughter has Princess K who is 3 years old and H Man at just 20 months old now. With only one in diapers, and no bottles required - although there are constant companion of sippy cups - how hard can managing these short people be? Easy, heck I could do it with my eyes closed after raising my 3 daughters and assisting with various others. 

      Visions of having real conversations with my extremely intelligent grandchildren filled my head, like sugar plums on Christmas Eve.  Thoughts of how we would bond, and develop memories to will be passed down the generations to yet come,
      floated merrily in my aging brain.

       sophisticated tea party hostess

      And then Reality -- I was captured by my grandchildren!

       Oh, the first few visits were delightful. We coloured lovely pictures, and watched kiddie shows - Blues Clues, and made muffins. All was very calm and organized, with no wildness at all. My daughter obviously had been exaggerating about how hyper these delightful children could be. She of course doesn't have my experience.
      Oh how smug I was the first few times. How naive actually, I was soon to learn.

      I digress - to inform you that I have previous experience with being captured by small children. The first incident was when I was a teenage babysitter of 2 young devil possessed boys, ages 3 and 5. We were playing cowboys, and I allowed them to tie me to the coffee table, with old ties from their dad ( well I assumed they were old, as they were in the toy box)  - how tight can a 3 and 5 year old tie, I thought. Ack!  So tight that it took me 15 minutes to get myself unbound and untangled and in chase of my  monster charges. They did not go far. Just to the kitchen to riffle through the snacks left for me  - chips, pop, and candy bars. They were stuffing their faces, and laughing like wild hyenas.  Enough to say that they went to bed promptly, and I never fell for that trick again.
      hmmmm, I wonder where those boys are now?

      Back to Current Capture 
      It happened so suddenly, I was again unprepared. The Princess and I  had a lovely day, colouring, movies, lunch, visit to the park and walk in the sun - when H Man awoke from his nap. Again, all was well - we went to basement play area. This is when things got out of hand. I was unable to get the dvd player to function, with the 10 remotes and several devices. "So let's just play without tv or movies" - I thought that was  a good suggestion.
      Wrong! And the amount of energy they suddenly had was remarkable, as they threw toys everywhere and attacked each other (well not attacked, but well yes attacked).

      I regained momentary control and managed to get them herded back upstairs in order to prepare supper. But.. they continued to be too rambunctious, and all control was lost. 'OK! Enough"  I proclaimed "Outside!!" They cheered and got their shoes and jackets, and dragged me outside, down the street, and to the park. 
      Again, I had been captured, and the children were in control!! 

       I did manage to ensure their safety at the park and wrestle them back to the house. They attempted to once again take over, during the supper making process - but my survival skills kicked in and I was able to corral them to sit nicely and colour me a picture  - while I made the dinner. Within 8 minutes they were eating the most divine macaroni and cheese. Ok,  it was Kraft Dinner - they loved it! 
      Lots of ketchup and world peace was once again restored.

      Reason for this Story
      This is my excuse for not getting much done this week 
      ... I want my mommy!

      And ... 
      The grandchildren are really very delightful, and I am having fun spending time with them, however the drive there and back is in total 4 hours
      - I wish they lived much closer.

      7 day cleanse  new Start Date Sunday, September 19
      Quit Smoking Date to be set - after successfully complete cleanse.
      Social Tweetle site to be updated and other website tasks to be completed this week!!
      Enough dilly dallying.

      Be very very careful of small children - they may appear to be harmless,
      when they are actually plotting to take over the world. 

      More news from Jan and her activities to follow tomorrow.

      ,,.darleen & jan


      Thursday, September 9, 2010

      And Away We GO ... soon.

      Exercise causes headaches due to increased oxygen to the brain!

      Oh yeah baby,  this exercise thing is great !!

      So.. how far have we got with Ultra Simple Diet prep and getting to our list of  TO DOs?

      First for the GOOD news from Jan - she sent this to me via text messages today!

      Hey are you sitting down? I WENT TO THE GYM!! Don't faint please. It actually   felt good :). Me and Curves are a go again.

      Excellent - too funny!!

      It was rather funny es :)! Glad it was quiet so no one could hurt themselves watching me try and re-master the machines and the circuit!!

      Yes good thing :)

      Slight time lag ..
      Stupid headache :) see it's that exercise stuff. I'm allergic!! :) Quick rest took it away.

      Headache is due to oxygen to brain with exercise - not used to it :)


      You will note how very supportive of each other we are!! Hoo Ha, Woo Hoo to Jan!!
      Sheesh what a show off .. hmmphf

      Darleen's update:
      Well, as I have noted indirectly, I have Fibromyalgia and is one reason I have chosen the Ultra Simple Diet. As well it has been, what you call 'flaring' recently.
      This morning, I awoke with pains radiating from tip of head to toes. Certain areas of my body were in worse pain than others, and becoming vertical was challenging. I did manage to sneak an extra 1 hr of sleep with neck pillow arranged so that could concentrate on deep breathing and relaxation. The breathing worked to help relax and also allowed me some additional slumber time, as I drifted back to sleep unintentionally. I then realized I was to be up early, as scheduled to go to daughter's for day to spend time with grandkids - a 2 hour drive.
      Oh and I promised to make banana muffins. Oops!

      I packed everything up, after quickly getting myself ready. Slugging back some yogurt and meal replacement smoothie, I was in car and on way. Oh ... I did stop at Tim Horton's for coffee, as really you expect me to go without caffeine on a day like today? It is medicinal!

      The day went well, with the grandkids, although there was an issue with banana muffins - first time did not turn out. Not sure why, but 3 year old granddaughter seems to think "It happens." So we made some more and they turned out, just not my usual wonderful recipe.

      Upon driving home after 7:30 PM, in the rain and dark - which causes my eyes to see mirages, I did arrive home safely, but tired. I did not walk my 15 minutes. Ugh.

      I did however wear my running shoes - that counts right?
      Moral of my story: Don't plan more than can reasonably do, and some days playing with the grandkids is all the exercise needed. After spending time with a 3 year old and 20 month old, I am tired but strangely stress-free.


      Continuing on with TO DO LIST to prepare for Sunday, September 12, 2010 7 Day Cleanse and life altering experiment with food.


      ...darleen & jan

      Tuesday, September 7, 2010

      Darleen & Quitting Smoking - Date Set

       QUIT DATE SET: SEPTEMBER 30, 2010

      Quitting Smoking is easy. 
      It is becoming a Non Smoker that is the hard part.

      I have coached many people on how to quit smoking, and even was the valedictorian for my last X-Smokers cessation group. I have spent $1,000s on quitting sessions and many more $1,000s on the cigarettes themselves.

      I have now smoked for 40 years! Ugh. That is horrible. I have spent close to $100,000 on cigarettes. Imagine what I could have done with that $100,000.

      My health is surprisingly good, with few complaints that I think are not smoking related. But ... possibly are due to smoking.

      My reasons for wanting to quit I am going to log  & add to and set a date to quit.
      I will not be giving anything up, but gaining my life back - released from addiction.

      Reasons to Quit:
      1) Money
      2) Want to live as long as possible
      3) To achieve healthiest state possible
      4) Because I stink!

      Added Wednesday Sept 8th
      5) To live to at least 100 years old
      6) To not be a social outcast

      Thanks to those that commented on FB and by email directly supporting my quitting.
      Especially to suggestions on how to make easier - CHAMPIX 
      and my sister's  comment: When you share your projected quit date ... you will seriously be on your way.  >> correct and I am not ready yet to share, but getting closer each day.

      I will continue to add to this page as I go through the process to quit day.


      Ultra Simple Diet Prep & More!

      We are on Day 2 of UltraSimple Diet prep
       using book by Mark Hyman, M.D.

      Darleen's DONE List:
      Joined My Ultra Wellness  - having some issues with online site
      Health Quiz
      Toxicity and Inflammation Quiz rating = 95 : Moderate Imbalance
      Have started elimination of caffeine and sugar

      Darleen's TO DO List:
      Vitamin C - need to purchase
      Weight measurements
      Before Photo
      List of ingredients and supplements required  - see page 108 of book
      Large box of Baking Soda
      Large bag of Epsom Salts
      Lavender Essential Oil
      Running shoes  - go to The Running Room and be fitted for proper shoes
      * recommendation for fibromyalgia is to walk only 15 minutes at time

      Jan's Update:
      Will be reading book and making some decisions regarding doing the 7 day cleanse.
      She is taking supplements, using Jenny Craig food diet, signed up for yoga class and also going for update at Curves 

      What's Next?


      Summer is over!

      Get out the bath salts --- kids are back in school!!
      Family vacation over!!

      Yes, it is that time of year - that all mothers are celebrating!
      (and maybe some fathers)

      Summer Vacation, is now officially over!! Kids, family members, and supporting services are back to work, and out of the house - at least for a few hours of the day.
      Of course we miss them - when we can actually hear the bubbles popping. Ahhh...

      Jan and Darleen certainly can use at least a few hours of R&R, before getting back to a 'regular routine'. It has been a rather hectic few months, with travel and illness affecting our family and friends. Being the empathic creatures we are and true care-givers - we have taken on some extra burdens. Support is our business, it seems, and now time to spend time on regenerating ourselves and getting our bodies in 'top-notch' shape. Jan is miles ahead Darleen on this, with Curves exercise, Yoga classes arranged and Jenny Craig food plan. Darleen is in the thinking about it stage.

      We still have many tasks to face this next few months, and will need to be both strong and prepared. Jan will be celebrating 25 years married to the Amazing Morris. Well, they did accomplish this feat together, so that makes them both Amazing! (but with 5 kids they really had no other choice).

      Seems like just yesterday, that Darleen was dancing through the brides hotel room the night before the wedding - ugh we have a photo.
      And it is now on the Internet!


      Thursday, August 19, 2010

      On our way to detox.

      Eating our way to detoxification

      Chocolate Obsession
      Please NOTE - there are 2 forks and we did clean the plate!
      We have been preparing, sort of for our detox week, and evaluating what we are eating. Very carefully evaluating everything we eat.

      When Jan and I went to lunch this week - a rare treat since we usually are 2 timezones apart. We did have salads for our first course. Of course we  also had an alcoholic beverage. After all, it was a celebration of sorts. And we did deserve the dessert. Unfortunately we did not get a photo of this magnificent delectable delicious dessert, before we dug into it, and devoured. It was as if it was our last meal.
      We did enjoy each and every bite.

      Darleen has been monitoring food eaten, drinking more water and switching some of my coffee drinks to green tea. As far as alcohol, I have also cut down and started to have water with lemon more often than wine or beer. This has resulted in having a mild headache each morning - not sure if less caffeine or blood alcohol level less than sufficient. But we shall persevere.

      Exercise? Well, Darleen has worked up to maybe 20 steps a day. From bed to the pool and lounge chair, if done efficiently and manages to carry all things required at one time - it can be accomplished. Good planning can eliminate unnecessary steps!
      Yes, I plan each night to get up and go to the gym, or go for a walk, or do yoga. But, after reading paper, email and catching up with Facebook and Twitter, the day is half done, and the sun is only available until 4. Will try harder tomorrow or next week.

      Jan has  been able to get more exercise, due to her errands and tasks at her mom's. She has been walking the dog Sally, at least twice a day, and getting several sets of 1,000 steps in, with errand running and pacing. It has been a challenging week, and she is scheduled and due some downtime - at Darleen's pool, with her own lounger and pool floatie. Once again, we deserve some fun and relaxation.

      We will however, prepare and follow through with the detoxification and learning more about better nutrition. It is time. We have had our fun, and really do wish to more than be thin - feel better and have more energy. We may live a long time yet, and would like to be awake for the best times to come.

      If we want to be happy for the rest of our lives - we need to take charge of our health.
      We are not going down in a mountain of chocolate desserts, bon bons and alcohol stupor. Or sunburned bodies.

      Yoga tomorrow!!

      More water please.

      ....darleen & jan

      Monday, August 16, 2010

      Detox so we can Retox.

      Let's Detox to get back to weight- loss

      Jan is currently visiting again in Ontario!!  Yeah.
      This has given us some time to discuss a few things - such as this weight-loss thing. Particularly since Jan's Wellness clinic has suggested eliminating gluten and dairy, in order to detoxify and eliminate inflammation. BUT - the suggested diet and supplements were, for lack of better words, pukey. She refused !! 

      And I bought her some chocolate sponge toffee to cheer her up. Ahh, that is Retox!!

      So ... what is next, as we have dealt with happiness, and attempted to get ourselves on a routine of exercise and eating - well most of the time - healthier and controlled. Pass the beer. Oops..

      After some investigation and reading several recommended Detoxification books, and online You Tube videos, and blogs, we came across Dr Mark Hyman and his book

       - The UltraSimple Diet
        .. it makes sense.  PLUS - this is a 7 day cleanse.
      We can stick to a week!!

      Check out  Dr Mark Hyman and his UltraWellness

       PLAN  - we are in pre-detox now. No, that does not mean we are eating everything in site, and drinking bottles of wine by the caseload. hmmm.. good idea however.
      We are preparing the plan and will eliminate caffeine slowly, and other changes we can do to prepare for our detox week.

      Official Detoxification Week - September 12th!!

      We will be honest and journal our experience.

      ...darleen & jan

      Monday, August 9, 2010

      Paul McCartney takes over ...

      Be Back Soon ... feeling a bit under the weather ...

      Be Happy -  Enjoy Paul McCartney
      Paul McCartney has been performing in Toronto the past 2 days, and brought happiness to many.
      For those that did not go to a performance and for those that did - lets enjoy him some more. 

      ...darleen & jan

      Wednesday, August 4, 2010

      The Duck Story - smile :)

       Just because you deserve a smile today

      Have a Great Day!!

      ...darleen & jan

      Monday, August 2, 2010

      Let it Be - Still the answer?

      What was the question?
       So we are still struggling to find the answers, and find complete happiness. Although, we have made advances. We definitely are more content. We understand that our happiness is our responsibility, and often how we react to 'stuff '.

       However, we do want to still lose weight and feel better 
      - more to come on that later this week.

      Having chronic pain and other chronic issues - like life (well it is chronic correct!), and aging issues, and well some days just being female - we are still challenged.

      Darleen has been experimenting with  Cooking, Social Media, and What's it all about Alfie?, uhm, not really anything to do with Alfie   Or the song. But  just maybe it does have have something with our Happiness Project  as the words that stand out from that song to me are -
      "What's it all about, Alfie? Is it just for the moment we live?" 

      The purpose of our lives? Or is happiness only in the moments? 

      Darleen being unemployed this summer, is rather floundering around with - What is my purpose? What is next step? How can I make money without working? Is it ok to sleep until 11 am everyday?, while taking advantage of the wonderful summer and working on her tan (yes I use sunscreen).  
      Constant statement she texts Jan - Not sure about this?  Whether it is about blogging, writing, losing weight, what to eat, when to get up, when to go to sleep, what job to look for, and volunteering she has signed up for on a whim (think there may have been wine involved).

      Jan's answer has always been It will be, if you let it.  This prompted me to recall the Beatles - Let It Be - song. Upon listening carefully to the lyrics, it does provide us with the answer. Don't you think? 

      Let It Be ... It will be alright, continue on.  Can we do this?
      And enjoy the moments Alfie?  

      What do you think? Will the answer come, if we just Let It Be?

      ...darleen & jan

      Wednesday, July 28, 2010



      HAVE FUN!!

      ...darleen & jan

      Tuesday, July 27, 2010

      Give Yourself The Prize First!

      The Princess Bike

       The PRIZE is the Princess Bike. Katelynn had some problems getting the whole potty-training thing. Oh she knew how and would sometimes use, but for the most part just did not show much interest. Her parents - my daughter is the mother, cajoled, and bribed... but she really did not seem too interested.

      Most recently she informed me - Grandma Darleen - that if she went potty and could wear her big girl panties without any accidents, she would get the pink princess bike she wanted. I asked her if she was going to do that. "Oh yes", she said, but when asked if she wanted to try that day, "Ah no.", she said as she guzzled a very large glass of milk.

      However, Katelynn turned 3 this week, and her parents surprised her with the Princess bike. She was delighted, of course. This being what she really, really wanted. After all she is a real princess. As you can clearly see in this photo, at one of her Royal Celebrations.

      BUT. Surprise of all to her mommy, has been that she is using the potty and wearing her big girl panties. No problem at all. She got the Prize!! So .. either it is coincidence that all just 'clicked', or she is a very shrewd little girl,. She got the prize and now will deliver. hmm... there is some sense to this.

      How many times have you wanted to reach a goal, and set a Prize if you obtained?
      If I lose 20 lbs , I will get to buy that beautiful dress in size 8.
      If I quit smoking, I can get a new car.
      If I work hard and get the promotion, I will buy a motorcycle.


      Monday, July 26, 2010

      Be Happy Anyway ... Sunshine!

      Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

      My  feet are driving me crazy!! The pain wakes me up, is a constant thought tugging at me - PAIN, PAIN, THROB, THROB...

      Darleen has Fibromyalgia and was diagnosed in 1999, after 13 years of increasing crisis attacks, after possible stimulation of twin pregnancy. There have been good and bad successes with different therapies, medications and exercise routines. Most recently I have been feeling somewhat better, and can only attest this to fact that I am unemployed. I have no stress at the moment, or less due to being able to sleep more at times that I can sleep, rather than having to be on a schedule. Also the wonderful warm summer is a friend to my body, and I have been enjoying. 

      Like many chronic syndromes and disease states, Fibromyalgia can be very difficult to have a 'happy' life.  When the chronic situation causes pain, there are some days that it is easier to just hide away.
      Finding happiness certainly can still be found with chronic pain, as with other diseases and situations we find ourselves in. However it would be so much easier to be happy, without the pain

      Ice helps for very brief time. There is not enough ice this week.

      I have found that any pain relief medication is best not to take, due to fact that side effects disable me or cause other issues. I could list all the medications that I have tried over the years, but are all consistent with Fibromyalgia treatments. If anything is new out there, I will find it. 

      INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA - #fibro #fibromyalgia #fbs #fms
      I have found several new websites, and blogs available. Today, while invetigating Twitter and other social media tools - DIGG, Facebook, LinkedIN, Meetup

      Interesting outcome was that I found new blogs and sites, as well as a new book through Twitter search only. I am now following a few that I selected and have been in conversation with other Fibro -- I hesitate to say sufferers,  as all are determined to be positive. A common theme has been to work with others to spread awareness and find ways to lessen the symptoms. Obviously, it also helps to be able to talk to others in same predicament. It is very common for many to not believe Fibromyalgia is real, as we look fine, as there are no outwardly signs. Family may even accuse us of being grumpy, lazy and not the same person. Pain can do that to you, sometimes without even realizing. We think we are being cheerful, as it is an effort at times - BUT, the pain has a way of coming forward.
      I am encouraged that I have found some usefulness for Twitter!! More discussion regarding Twitter and my Social Media findings can be found at Social Tweep .

      Be Happy Anyway!  
      Many people have found this statement to help them smile each day in spite of health issues or other situations less than ideal.
       It is worth trying.

      - is there something valuable, useful or good that can come out of being subjected to this? 
      1) It allows me to  develop  COMPASSION.
      2) Finding solution allows me to really get to know and understand myself.
      3) I am meeting people that I would never have met without.
      4) Common amongst other Fibro-pals 
      - my sense of humour is intensified as is mandatory!!

      AND FOR FUN & for Katelynn

      ...darleen & jan

      Saturday, July 24, 2010

      Till There Was YOU!! - To All Happy Weekend.

       Dedicated to my friend Lesley V  ... who is lucky to be going to Paul McCartney concert August 8th at Air Canada Centre  ( second show added Sunday, August 9th)
      - tickets can be still purchased it appears - at inflated prices.

      Happiness is ...  listening to Paul McCartney music!! 
      AND ... YOU.

      Have a Great Weekend!!

      ...darleen & jan

      Wednesday, July 21, 2010

      Just because this makes me happy

       I Dare You  - to sing and dance along!!

      Have a great day!!

      ...darleen& jan

      Tuesday, July 20, 2010


      The No Bon Bons Girls are in LIMBO MODE

      Darleen is busy updating blogs, and due to K being on vacation, also RENOVATION MODE.

      This has caused us to be in a LIMBO STATE ...
      We are progressing with our Happiness Project and seeing some progress in our desire to change our bodies. It is not a fast progression outwardly - but we are feeling happier most days. We understand how we can control what we want out of life an also reprogram our minds.


      There are still some challenges - which we would like to say at our age, our different than those of you in your 20s, 30s and even 40s. We are looking at the remainder of our lives after our children years and looking forward to a different lifestyle. We are not sure what we want to do yet - when we grow up.
      We are different people, and some days do not even recognize ourselves - so no surprise our husbands are not sure what is going on. It is similar to puberty with loss of hormones and loss of memory at times. And NO Bon Bons ! Of course we still treat ourselves, and then drink 5 gallons of water, and walk and do yoga and meditate, and, and ....


      Let us enjoy the summer at a slower pace, and slowly we shall migrate into a routine that is better for us, and allows us to achieve our Happiness state. We shall then organize, and evaluate and get BUSY.

      Right now we are doing the LIMBO ... everyone join in!

      ...darleen & jan

      Friday, July 16, 2010

      The Grass is Always Greener on Other Side .. maybe?

      On Top of the Mountain - where is the happiness?

      So, we achieve our goal - reaching the mountain top, and feel not happiness but letdown. Why?
      Are we hopeless? Nothing will make us happy?

      You know what I am referring to - acing an exam, finishing a novel, getting the job that we upgraded our skills to achieve - getting any job for that matter, getting married, having children (there is no return - I did check), etc, etc. It has been said that - "life is always greener on the other side", so if we are single, we often feel that if married we would be happier, but when become married, feel that being single is where it is at (baby). Partly this may be certain those of us, forget or have not managed to enjoy the moments. Enjoy the NOW. Be Grateful. uhuh ...

      What's next? After achieving one goal, be sure to set another 
      By NANCY CHURNIN / The Dallas Morning News

      "There's a lot of joy, but you also get this feeling of letdown under the happy, like when you've had the last slice of cake and the last cookie. It was good, but you realize it's never going to happen again." 

      "People build up for things, and the body reacts," says Dr. Don Hafer, a neuropsychologist at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. "We call it a fight-or-flight response. It can be a positive stress, like getting ready for a vacation, getting ready for a wedding, getting ready for finals, waiting online at midnight to buy Harry Potter. You're putting all this energy and effort into it, then, right after the event, any medical conditions you might have, such as migraines, will be exacerbated." 

       'What am I supposed to do next?' feelings.

      "Dr. Keith Ablow, a Boston psychiatrist and author of Living the Truth : Transform Your Life Through the Power of Insight and Honesty (Little Brown, $26), advises a twofold strategy for dealing with these common feelings.

      First, he distinguishes between short-term and long-term goals.
      "If your goal is to win a tennis match, expand it into a longer goal of perfecting your game. If your goal is to make a million dollars, think about the pages that come next in your story, or you'll have a sense of being lost."
      Next, he urges people to slow down and ask themselves whether they are rushing from one short-term goal to another as a way of avoiding other pressing emotional needs. "

      Ok - sounds easy. Simple. 

      1.  Enjoy your success - enjoying the moment of NOW
      2.  If you are 'grass is always greener' person - pick a side and stick with it.
      3.   Plan for your NEXT goals to avoid letdown feelings.
      The grass is always greener! But choose a side, enjoy the present and stick to your choice - this will bring you a feeling of content and happiness, rather than constantly wanting to upgrade or change for the 'other side of fence is actually better syndrome'. Obviously there are some situations that are bad decisions. Fix those. But getting married to a wonderful person was your dream, and even when he annoys you, and the Old Spice Guy looks a whole lot better - really you must realize you are in the right place. And your guy can smell like the Old Spice Guy.

      ...darleen & jan

      Thursday, July 15, 2010

      Happiness is Simple - if we let it be.

      SIMPLE and focus is YOU!

      Credit:  Keep the Sun

      We can only change our own outlook. Would it not be nice if we could make others happy? We can guide them and encourage, but for the most part we are all responsible for our own HAPPY state.
      Simple - so why is it so difficult to attain? Possibly we spend too much time seeking happiness and not enjoying what we have.

      HAPPINESS IS SIMPLE - get it?

      I have had a few weeks of wonderfulness!! I can always add more joy and never be full, but I have had been having fun and feeling HAPPY. Not working helps with this feeling - however that could change when money runs out. New car, trips, spending time with special people most of all has brought me to this feeling of - YES I am Happy. I am not pleased with my physical appearance at the moment,  due to being unsuccessful with weight loss and some other goals - BUT, I am content and know that will come as I allow. And as Jan says, avoiding mirrors at this point helps - a lot!

      I was reminded of how simple being happy can be today, while spending a couple of hours with my granddaughter Katelynn (almost 3) and Harvey (18 months). How getting back to basics and down on the floor and playing can be the best stress reliever. PLAY!!

      What do you mean they are upside down?

      Children don't read Self Help Books  
      The newness of life and being loved is enough - of course all their needs are met and they are safe. They are still innocent, and have not yet uncovered all the complexities of life and they do not know otherwise. Spending time with young children and becoming like them in play can bring back this innocent Happiness.  

      Of course then we remember we have bills to pay, and have not yet achieved all the goals we set out TO DO - today, let alone our life. Oh, I am unemployed so that should do in my happiness as well.
      According to studies, such as those done by A study done by Ryan Howell, assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University (Read more at Suite101: What Causes Happiness?: Experiences, Gratitude and Spirituality  

      "What causes happiness? Experience or possession?
      This question was answered in a new psychology study that showed life experiences rather than material possessions led to greater happiness. In fact, the experiential basis of happiness can be seen in two other corollaries — gratitude or the ability to live in the moment and a sense of spirituality." ....

      "Experiences also provide challenges and personal meaning. Accomplishing a goal such as running a marathon or writing a book provides meaning within the context of life lived. Possessions are merely things and do not generate the same sense of personal challenge and significance.
      What meaning, for example, can one have about a new roof or a new car? Material things, according to psychology professor Leaf Van Boven, are separate from humans and cannot provide the same meaningful contexts as personal experiences."

       This last statement, I must disagree and agree. For myself my new car is an accomplishment, and is a sharing experience. Any car would not provide the level of 'well-being' and warm fuzzies of happiness - BUT this car does. Obtaining possessions may be due to achieving goals, and therefore be entangled in the overall feeling of happiness.

      The other point mentioned is Gratitude - or the ability to live in the moment. Simple again and like the innocence of children. Maybe getting back to basics and imitating young children - in the moment, pleasure of the world we can capture our own. 
      Of course there is all the 'junk' needed to reprogram our minds, but it's a start.

                                                       If the heatwave has got to you 
      - cool off  (kiddie pool if necessary)
      GET WET & SMILE!!

      ...darleen & jan