Thursday, September 9, 2010

And Away We GO ... soon.

Exercise causes headaches due to increased oxygen to the brain!

Oh yeah baby,  this exercise thing is great !!

So.. how far have we got with Ultra Simple Diet prep and getting to our list of  TO DOs?

First for the GOOD news from Jan - she sent this to me via text messages today!

Hey are you sitting down? I WENT TO THE GYM!! Don't faint please. It actually   felt good :). Me and Curves are a go again.

Excellent - too funny!!

It was rather funny es :)! Glad it was quiet so no one could hurt themselves watching me try and re-master the machines and the circuit!!

Yes good thing :)

Slight time lag ..
Stupid headache :) see it's that exercise stuff. I'm allergic!! :) Quick rest took it away.

Headache is due to oxygen to brain with exercise - not used to it :)


You will note how very supportive of each other we are!! Hoo Ha, Woo Hoo to Jan!!
Sheesh what a show off .. hmmphf

Darleen's update:
Well, as I have noted indirectly, I have Fibromyalgia and is one reason I have chosen the Ultra Simple Diet. As well it has been, what you call 'flaring' recently.
This morning, I awoke with pains radiating from tip of head to toes. Certain areas of my body were in worse pain than others, and becoming vertical was challenging. I did manage to sneak an extra 1 hr of sleep with neck pillow arranged so that could concentrate on deep breathing and relaxation. The breathing worked to help relax and also allowed me some additional slumber time, as I drifted back to sleep unintentionally. I then realized I was to be up early, as scheduled to go to daughter's for day to spend time with grandkids - a 2 hour drive.
Oh and I promised to make banana muffins. Oops!

I packed everything up, after quickly getting myself ready. Slugging back some yogurt and meal replacement smoothie, I was in car and on way. Oh ... I did stop at Tim Horton's for coffee, as really you expect me to go without caffeine on a day like today? It is medicinal!

The day went well, with the grandkids, although there was an issue with banana muffins - first time did not turn out. Not sure why, but 3 year old granddaughter seems to think "It happens." So we made some more and they turned out, just not my usual wonderful recipe.

Upon driving home after 7:30 PM, in the rain and dark - which causes my eyes to see mirages, I did arrive home safely, but tired. I did not walk my 15 minutes. Ugh.

I did however wear my running shoes - that counts right?
Moral of my story: Don't plan more than can reasonably do, and some days playing with the grandkids is all the exercise needed. After spending time with a 3 year old and 20 month old, I am tired but strangely stress-free.


Continuing on with TO DO LIST to prepare for Sunday, September 12, 2010 7 Day Cleanse and life altering experiment with food.


...darleen & jan

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  1. Hey Darleen,
    I can certainly relate to this post, made me smile.. exercise, man I love it, when I can motivate myself to do it! :o)

    Setting too many tasks for the day, I think we can all be guilty of..

    Wondering if the simple diet is working for you, I have fibromyalgia also and always looking for helpful hints...

    Thanks for the smiles today..

    Gill xXx