Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How I Survived being Captured by My Grandchildren

 'What are you doing? '
Don't Hurt Yourself!!!

 Ahh, that phrase again! I heard myself first whispering and then frantically yelling.
 How many times has my heartbeat raced, and my body taken quick action to rescue one of my own children, another child or now my grandchildren? Or myself?

Since I have some free time available currently, I decided it was perfect time to spend with my grandchildren. My daughter has Princess K who is 3 years old and H Man at just 20 months old now. With only one in diapers, and no bottles required - although there are constant companion of sippy cups - how hard can managing these short people be? Easy, heck I could do it with my eyes closed after raising my 3 daughters and assisting with various others. 

Visions of having real conversations with my extremely intelligent grandchildren filled my head, like sugar plums on Christmas Eve.  Thoughts of how we would bond, and develop memories to will be passed down the generations to yet come,
floated merrily in my aging brain.

 sophisticated tea party hostess

And then Reality -- I was captured by my grandchildren!

 Oh, the first few visits were delightful. We coloured lovely pictures, and watched kiddie shows - Blues Clues, and made muffins. All was very calm and organized, with no wildness at all. My daughter obviously had been exaggerating about how hyper these delightful children could be. She of course doesn't have my experience.
Oh how smug I was the first few times. How naive actually, I was soon to learn.

I digress - to inform you that I have previous experience with being captured by small children. The first incident was when I was a teenage babysitter of 2 young devil possessed boys, ages 3 and 5. We were playing cowboys, and I allowed them to tie me to the coffee table, with old ties from their dad ( well I assumed they were old, as they were in the toy box)  - how tight can a 3 and 5 year old tie, I thought. Ack!  So tight that it took me 15 minutes to get myself unbound and untangled and in chase of my  monster charges. They did not go far. Just to the kitchen to riffle through the snacks left for me  - chips, pop, and candy bars. They were stuffing their faces, and laughing like wild hyenas.  Enough to say that they went to bed promptly, and I never fell for that trick again.
hmmmm, I wonder where those boys are now?

Back to Current Capture 
It happened so suddenly, I was again unprepared. The Princess and I  had a lovely day, colouring, movies, lunch, visit to the park and walk in the sun - when H Man awoke from his nap. Again, all was well - we went to basement play area. This is when things got out of hand. I was unable to get the dvd player to function, with the 10 remotes and several devices. "So let's just play without tv or movies" - I thought that was  a good suggestion.
Wrong! And the amount of energy they suddenly had was remarkable, as they threw toys everywhere and attacked each other (well not attacked, but well yes attacked).

I regained momentary control and managed to get them herded back upstairs in order to prepare supper. But.. they continued to be too rambunctious, and all control was lost. 'OK! Enough"  I proclaimed "Outside!!" They cheered and got their shoes and jackets, and dragged me outside, down the street, and to the park. 
Again, I had been captured, and the children were in control!! 

 I did manage to ensure their safety at the park and wrestle them back to the house. They attempted to once again take over, during the supper making process - but my survival skills kicked in and I was able to corral them to sit nicely and colour me a picture  - while I made the dinner. Within 8 minutes they were eating the most divine macaroni and cheese. Ok,  it was Kraft Dinner - they loved it! 
Lots of ketchup and world peace was once again restored.

Reason for this Story
This is my excuse for not getting much done this week 
... I want my mommy!

And ... 
The grandchildren are really very delightful, and I am having fun spending time with them, however the drive there and back is in total 4 hours
- I wish they lived much closer.

7 day cleanse  new Start Date Sunday, September 19
Quit Smoking Date to be set - after successfully complete cleanse.
Social Tweetle site to be updated and other website tasks to be completed this week!!
Enough dilly dallying.

Be very very careful of small children - they may appear to be harmless,
when they are actually plotting to take over the world. 

More news from Jan and her activities to follow tomorrow.

,,.darleen & jan


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