Thursday, April 29, 2010

DAY 65 .... Just Because ..

Drunken Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cream

can't you just taste it  ..
Sometimes you have to 'eat dessert first'


1 cup fresh Bing cherries, pitted and halved
1/4 cup cherry brandy, such as kirschwasser
2 tablespoons sugar
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup half-and-half
3/4 cup sugar
Pinch of salt
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
2 tsp. vanilla extract

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DAY 63 - Take me to your Endermolgie

You know them...

The people that tell you all about their 5K, 10k runs, and how they get up every morning at 5 am to exercise, or run or go to the gym. They are so cheerful about it. Where does that come from? Is there a drug in the water they use to brush their teeth each night?

How do they get out of bed that early - to  exercise.

I believe the last time I was out of bed a 5 am was due to having a sick child, and we were definitely  not being cheerful. Another time was due to fact I never made it to bed all night, due to excessive work. A very long time ago, I was up at 5 am due to just arriving home after partying.

But exercise? No!  I cannot do it. Bleh.

I know that I am a night owl, and never will be a morning person. Never will you find me taking an early morning stroll to enjoy the sunrise. You may find me taking a late night walk to enjoy the moon and quietness of the city after dark however.

Of course  I usually have an excuse for not exercising in the evening as well. I have done it in spurts, but the habit has never stuck. I do enjoy walking however, and can do it in any weather. Running - yes I did that once - I think I was running away from a mad dog at the time. I have listened to colleagues that just really get a thrill out of running, and become it seems rather addicted. And, I applaud them. Better you than me.

DAY 62 - First Steps

What to do next?

Getting Unstuck

Darleen is struggling some this week, as things seem to be piling up, and to do lists growing longer. Brain is in overload. Jan and Darleen had a text chat trying to sort out what steps for the PLAN should be this week. Focus on losing weight, but also feeling better about ourselves and how to get 'to happy'.
We did decide that using the CD from I CAN MAKE YOU THIN does work - for relaxing and motivation, and somehow we did manage to lose some weight using it alone. Now to add to it, what works best for each of us, OR what we want to try from our different investigations and experiences.
Jan likes the idea of weight watchers, as has worked for her in the past, is a life change and not a 'diet'.  Darleen just wants to 'feel better'.

We chatted about how to 'feel better and out of sad mode' - and rather on focusing on what are the causes of bringing us down - 'looked at backwards'. We looked at moments and situations that make us happy, or feel energized. hmmm .. what is the first step?

baby steps .. 
and one of the times in our life chubby legs are 'cute'

Monday, April 26, 2010

DAY 61 - journey to happiness

How to be happy ..

I have done a lot of research and exploring to attempt to find out 'what's next', why do Jan and I struggle with feeling unhappy? How can we get to happy state?  

I also have been searching for a job, next career, and how to avoid 9 - 5 rat race. Yes causing myself .. more Stress..

MY brain is about to explode - quite literally.  Too much information! At least for my old brain.

But it will always amaze me at how much information is available. And upon attempting to find the total  number of blogs out there - the stats are old but lets just say it will be impossible for me to 'eat the whole thing'. The number of blogs at Technorati  is over 112 million!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

DAY 59 - We Heart Pastry

 Something a bit different 

 - just because I have fallen in love with these Tomato Heart - Tarts.
And for Cyd (my favorite cousin under 5 ft tall) - as I promised her this delightful recipe.

Recipe at by Barbara, who started her blog while going through chemotherapy. She lives in Australia, and shares her love of food, wine, travel, movie and anything else that she finds along her travels.

Tomorrow, I will ponder the question Barbara has on her site, and also has been suggested to me is the cause of my excessive load of stress -
Do you sometimes feel the internet and social media has taken over your life?  hmmmm

And ... my adventures in preparing for the week, frozen smoothies and THE PLAN!!

Happy Friday

...darleen & jan

Thursday, April 22, 2010

DAY 57 - Surgically Removing Stress

I felt like I was going blind. 

Really! My eyes were foggy and I was having trouble focusing.
Blinking, rubbing, eye drops or relaxing eyes did not help. Just like that, I was surely going blind. BUT, upon an emergency eye exam - my eyes were found to be healthy and not much change to the measurements, and no change required to current corrective lenses. However, as the Optometrist so diplomatically and politely put it
- he cannot see behind the eyes.

Diagnosis: Stress.

So how do I remove the Stress? Is there a surgical procedure that can get rid of this, so I can get on with my life? 
Maybe a clinic "Lipo & Stress Suction Package"?

Exactly what is STRESS, and how much is too much?

"a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension or physiological reactions that may lead to illness."
Now, the most commonly accepted definition of stress (mainly attributed to Richard S Lazarus) is that stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.
Interpretation: when you want to scream Argghhh!! 

Stress is a complicated thing. We all have stress it seems and each person manages differently.  Stress is part of life - one statement I found was - without stress there is no life . It is the amount of stress and how we handle this stress, and if the stress becomes excessive. Excessive or prolonged stress can be harmful. There are reams of studies, analysis, books on how to cope with, and courses in how to minimize stress. There are holistic methodologies and gimmicks to relieve stress, and an entire psychology researchers, and  Management Consultants teaching Stress Management. There is even The American Stress Institute. The scientific effects and physiology of how stress affects the body, chronic and long term have been studied and clearly show the massive  effects of excessive stress.
The term Stress was coined apparently in the 1930s according to
Wikipedia - Stress  entry, and researchers in the 1950s explained that Stress was not necessarily BAD.
BUT - currently we know that rarely are negative effects observed with positive stress. In particular, the harmful biochemical and long-term effects of stress have rarely been observed in positive situations.

My Journey with Stress
I believe that we all have at least at times experienced excessive stress, and some of us chronic and prolonged periods of stress. 
Myself and Jan have had possibly more than the regular share of the S word in our lives. Some has been the regular life stuff of relationship issues, job changes, child raising, aging,  and every day life. 

We have had added stress with serious illness touching our families, divorce, abuse and other traumas. Speaking for both of us - that I usually do - I can admit to relationship & stress encountered on the jobs as seeming to be the most difficult to adapt and reduce to a level of calm.

As well chemical imbalances have plagued us  - is that the stress or result of stress - 'don't count your eggs while they are still up the chicken's ass'? 

Maybe had we been more in tune with our bodies functions and needs we could have reduced the effects on the chemical effect and result within our bodies? Or did we just get through some tough times as best we could at the time, and now are left to deal with the result?

Our lives are relatively good - we both have a roof over our heads, our children and spouses are healthy, we have a decent lifestyle and enjoy life most days. 

Our bodies have taken a beating however over the years. 
We have pushed ourselves to "Exceed Expectations" 
- Super Woman, Super Mom, Super Wife and Super Employee. 
Now where do we RECHARGE? It appears we have run out of energy and now running on empty.


Jan does enlist the help from Biodentical Medicine at a Wellness Clinic in Sherwood Park. She has found some gains with this - but would certainly prefer more.

Darleen did seek out help at The Natural Way - Health Clinic in Waterloo. 
The Natural Way Health Clinic is an integrative Naturopathic Clinic. 
Integrative medicine is defined as the combination of mainstream medical therapies, and the alternative therapies for which there is high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.

This is an amazing clinic. I started a program, but due to the largest STRESS in my life put it on hold - job demands and also due to job uncertainty concern for saving money. hmmm ... and now I am considering that this may not have been a wise decision -  I THINK I AM GOING BLIND.

The Natural Way  Blog regarding Stress  by Angela MacNeil ND, MSc
The Impacts of Stress on the Body

Is an extensive post and discussion explaining the impacts stress has on the body. She explains how stress can first cause an increase in Cortisol, with a series of symptoms, and if continues into prolonged phase result in the opposite or 'burn-out', decreased Cortisol. People in this stage may still appear to be normal - but be actually propping themselves up in order to get through the day.

Angela does provide a bright spot of hope with lifestyle change recommendations:
  1. Stress reduction
  2. Enjoyment: Above all else, have fun.
  3. Relaxation techniques
  4. Exercise: 30-40 minutes of activity 3-4X/week
  5. Healthy diet
  6. Massage
  7. Herbs called “adaptogens"
I think I need to pay a visit to  The Natural Way, and Angela again - finding the money and time to maybe not surgically remove, but regain BALANCE. This may be the ticket to life!!

This brings me to recalling the book 
- Jeffrey Gitomer's LITTLE GOLD BOOK of YES! Attitude
I found this book very uplifting and full of good advice regarding achieving a positive attitude. The best point of the entire book (for me) is page 147
Drain your brain at the end of each day
To-do list
To-call list
To-get over list
To-resolve list
To-pay list
... the secret is to unload everything.

...darleen & jan

DAY 58 - Remember to Breathe

 Breathe In, Breathe Out ...

I just got back from my 2nd YOGA  class!! So far this is the longest running exercise routine that I have been able to maintain. Shocking. YOGA is very relaxing and more so when we remember to breathe.
Yes I have been known to forget to breathe, or discover when concentrating on doing physical activity to actually - hold my breath. Dizziness and fainting is not recommended - breathe!

Relax -- Today's theme. 
We have been talking a lot about Stress. Let's now concentrate on relaxing. If we learn how to correctly relax, it should be the new Normal, and without getting our panties in a knot over 'how to eliminate stress'.

We all breathe. We do it often. 17,280-23,040 per day is the average for humans. WOW!!  No wonder I am exhausted  - this is is hard work.  Learning how to breathe properly however takes practice.
BUT,  it is worth the effort to achieve complete total relaxation.

From Yoga to Health

"Yoga breathing is one of the most important aspects of a successful yoga practice.
It is even more important than whether you are able to technically perform a yoga pose perfectly!
As we develop a yoga practice, we are not going to necessarily do an asana perfectly. And that is fine - as long as we engage the breath consciously."

The conscious breathing is a lot more than being alive and not in a state of unconscious coma.

It is truly concentrating on the deep slow breathing techniques. There are classes devoted to achieving the proper yoga breathing techniques.  The outcome  is complete relaxation of body and mind.
The days stresses that we have been dwelling on, are washed away.

Breathe and watch thoughts float by
Heather, my Yoga Instructor leads the poses and each pose has corresponding breathing technique. She states how to breathe through towards the body areas  we are trying to stretch further. Also she instructs to allow the many thoughts that are trying to capture our attention, to just float away - and focus on the universe night scene.  "let the thoughts just float away like leaves in the wind."

I had furniture floating away through the wind, as I kept wondering where is the furniture that is usually in this room. Heather has an area cleared for Yoga that has wonderful hardwood floors and open space. Off the couch was floating away, as though lifted by a gentle hurricane. I tried not to concentrate on this 'cool' event, but focus on breathing, stretching and performing the pose as best as possible.

It is rather  amusing how our minds drift from one topic to another, when we are attempt to relax. Or at least my mind does. I was supposed to be concentrating on my breathing, and stretching  but -
- I wonder what that colour of paint is named?
- Where does she get the music she has for background sounds?
- Do I look silly?
- That pillow looks nice and soft, maybe I could just lay my head on it and have a nap.
- Why does my 'Yoga Mat 'smell so annoying? Or is that my feet?
- When I breathe deeply, my tummy bulge completely disappears.
- Maybe I should colour my hair tonight.
- It got dark quickly.
- What is this universe reference and why is it waiting to give to me?
- I place my hands with open palm in order receive energy - where is this energy coming from?
- Do people truly believe this energy stuff?

Also from a discussion with my sister Chris regarding a cocoon state - as appealed to me and created images for me of complete security, safety, warmth and Do Not Disturb state.

           Roca Cocoon Shower

Breathe In, Breathe Out,  Inhale slowly, Exhale slowly... relax...

...darleen & jan

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DAY 56 - How can you say no popcorn with a movie?

   DAY 56 LOG

...  Darleen & Jan are working on the NEW PLAN - to get us unstuck and focused on the WHOLE being - meaning ourselves and NOT concentrating on the weight loss. BALANCE is the word.

Jan has returned!! From her 5 days away in the wilderness. Well, maybe it was not wilderness - but she did get away for 5 days. She walked every day. WOW!!

Darleen is still recuperating from her first real attempt at exercise - YOGA. And shall be continuing this misadventure every Thursday for, hum .. 10 weeks? The pain and agony of it. It is expected to get easier and of course she shall achieve the level of Yoga Goddess.
At moment she is the Yoga Corpse.
To clarify, the Yoga is not really what did her in, but seems that the sitting huddled over a computer monitor for 18 hours a day for the past 2 years DID! The Yoga actually is helping the relaxation of the inflamed  muscles.

But again I digress.

Due to Darleen being a bit over-stressed, burnt out, in recovery phase of workaholic syndrome, tired, and on pain medication causing her to sleep excessively and drool if awakened too early - this is delayed until Monday April 26th to start.

Preparation Tools:
Crystal Andrus - Simply...Empowered book.
Cyrstal Andrus 4 Week "VIRTUAL" BODY BOOTCAMP!
Menopause Makeover
Skinny Girl - Naturally Thin
Core Balance Diet

And taken from the Core Balance Diet - this summary seems to 'click' with our situation.
It is the heart of the PLAN 
... and next we will list our activities we will use over the next 30 days.

  1.  Tune in to your wisest teacher, your body.

  2.  Turn down physical and emotional stress, both of which make it harder for your body to feel safe enough to let go fo extra weight.

  3.  Treat yourself to deliciously yummy food and supplements that will ensure you are getting optimal nutrition to restore balance and health to yoru physiology and help you lose weight.

  4.  Tune out negativity in the form of self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

  5.  Take care of yourself on every level: body, mind, and spirit.

What about this popcorn in the title ?

Oh, yes that.  This comes from reading the post for today from Livestrong  - Thinking Thin, which discusses Mental Tips For Losing Weight. Most of the tips are agreeable:

1) It is OK to say no when offered food. 
- sure we can do that, we don't have to take the food just to be sociable
- but only if we are truly hungry and really want it.

2) Replace negative self-talk with positive thoughts.
- we are working on that.

3) Don't feel guilty about not eating everything on your plate.
- give up on the 'Clean Your Plate Club'
- yeah again, we are working on that.

4) Reducing stress improves mental function and also helps reduce the craving for food.
 - makes sense and goes for not eating as well due to stress.

5) Although many activities often are coupled with food, a movie can be just as entertaining without popcorn

- OKAY THAT IS JUST SACRILEGIOUS!! THERE IS NO WAY THAT WE CAN GO TO THE MOVIES WITHOUT POPCORN!!  Maybe.. we can learn to eat less, but this is an absolute ridiculous suggestion. Next you will be having Easter without chocolate and carrot sticks instead.
NOPE!! This is one that we throw away!

Join us tomorrow or the next steps to our PLAN preparation  - JANDAR !!

...darleen & jan

Monday, April 19, 2010

DAY 55 - Audrey Hepburn Smile, Smile, Smile


as seen on My Inspiration Lounge for Inspiration Monday

My Inspiration Lounge is a site that I found through my Twitter, and Blog travels.
The purpose of the site seems to 'fit'' with No Bon Bons Girls endeavours.  -->
A one-stop shop online for busy women to explore the best of the web to help them stay healthy, pursue their passions, give back, live green, launch a business or see the world - all in one convenient place! 
70% of women turn to the web for research and 66% use it to connect with people when they’re going through life-changing events. I believe it’s so important to provide women positive destinations and resources online to help them find the inspiration they need - when they need it most. It’s one of the reasons why I launched,

 Smile, Smile, Smile

...darleen & jan

Saturday, April 17, 2010

DAY 53 - Sleeeeeeeeeeping ..

     DAY 53 LOG

SLEEPING  ...... 
or in YOGA it is called  Savasana

...darleen & jan

DAY 52 - Make Mine Shaken With Tequila

  DAY 52 LOG


Who would have imagined that I would be in PAIN, after YOGA! It is so peaceful and relaxing. Just stretching and breathing. Ouch ..

Where? My entire body with flames coming out between my shoulder blades. Stomach area and bit of quad area  - but that just feels like good pain. The pain in upper back is very annoying.
Glad that I have a week to recover.

Therapy Investigated

Since I found it rather absurd that I am suffering so much PAIN, I investigated YOGA pain, and therapy for muscle pain. Surprisingly many people do have PAIN after yoga due to overextending and well .. due to lack of exercise. If you are a lump for several years and then decide to move - your muscles will yell at you! What were you thinking?

To be fair however, some of my pain was present before the Yoga due to STRESS and sitting bent over a computer monitor for 18 hours a day. Stretching felt good. But clearly I have some work to do to get these muscles in shape and relaxed.

Relief methods are to use hot or cold therapy, and alternate between, ultimately finding what works for your body the best. Athletes appear to be masochists as believe ICE therapy is the only way to go.

From Sports Medicine 

After Exercise Ice Bath - Does It Help Recovery?

Taking an after exercise plunge in an ice water bath (a tub of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius ice water) is a common practice among many elite athletes as a way to recover faster, and reduce muscle pain and soreness after intense training sessions or competitions. From elite runners like Paula Radcliff to nearly all professional rugby players, the ice bath is a standard practice routine. In addition to the ice bath, some athletes use and contrast water therapy (alternating between cold water and warmer water) to get the same effect.

They did find in there review of studies that it is not actually 'good' for you - so more of just athletic drama. Regardless of the studies and scientific support to prove it, many athletes swear by the ice bath.
Others - myself included, have found that alternating cool water treatment with hot tub to be more effective.

I have found that sitting in a hot tub at about 40 degrees Celsius
- with a Margarita  with ICE to be proven to reduce pain 
   almost immediately. 

Of course the number of Margaritas or like beverages should be limited to a maximum of 2 - 3, or additional injuries may be received. Reminds me of a story about a hot tub and a pitcher of Black Russian Cocktails,  a tumble out of the hot tub, strained tendons in thumb - and discovering that ICE is definitely NOT the correct therapy for tendon injuries.

Again, I digress.

It seems that ICE would feel good in the most painful area of my back back  - so what do I use, or just throw some ice on the floor and lay on it?

Please Pass the Peas

Appears that fact that many people grab a bag of frozen peas to use for pain therapy
- frozen corn works as well
- manufacturers developed Peas Cold Therapy.
Latex free pack is filled with pea-like beads. I found this very cute packs for children that are better than wrapping an entire package of frozen peas around a small wounded finger.

Ahh... they are so cute - however seems discontinued as children bit into them and tried eating the pea-like beads.  Although they are supposedly non-toxic.

Adult versions can be purchased and even has a nifty knee pad shaped like a donut.

And how about using real peas?  PeaPodZ™
Invention by Shelley Doherty,  a teacher of learning disabled children, discovered the benefits of frozen peas for reducing swelling and pain relief - but smaller closed packaging that can be reused occurred to her. 

 All Great Ideas ... BUT

The hot tub with the ice in the Margarita seems by far the best choice for me.  I do not have a hot tub available ... so a nice warm shower or bath will do and wrapped in cozy bathrobe .... sipping my ice in my Margarita ... seems just the right thing!!

... And as for weight loss

Check this out - Skinny Girl Margarita   by Bethenny Frankel
As well as Bethenny's books !!


... darleen & jan


Thursday, April 15, 2010

DAY 51 - Darleen Does Yoga and Becomes Corpse


I DID IT!!  I completed my first Kitchen Yoga session. 

It went well actually, and I feel very relaxed. No alcohol or other medication was used to achieve this state of relaxation. It was challenging however. Definitely was a workout, and sweat was involved.

  Darleen off to YOGA with the new yoga mat with carrying case.

No broken dishes or broken bones - and more important no blood!! I am not yet the Yoga Goddess, but definitely feel potential. Definitely the designer mat with matching water bottle increased this potential. Every aid available is required.

Mat smells funny, and since intimately involved would be nice if had nice soft scent.
Title of Kitchen Yoga is simply that performed in home environment off the kitchen area.

in order to spare me embarrassment and your pity, there will be no video of the yoga activities until levels of expertise are closer to looking like actual yoga poses.

Yoga has a lot of concentration on breathing, which is very difficult surprisingly enough. We breathe all the time, so why is it so difficult? Apparently it is the fact that draws focus to our breathing and how our body is affected.

We did several beginner poses
Sit/Easy Position - Sukhasana

 Starting  position  helps strengthen lower back and open the groin and hips - not sure about the groin and hips, but definitely stretches - some mild pain was experienced.

Each of the Yoga poses not only stretches an improves flexibility but also improves  balance  & concentration, relaxes stiff muscles, induces relaxation and strengthens muscles - but also reported to increase self awareness, confidence and improve heart and thryoid functions. There is a level of concentration that forces your mind to push away the thoughts of the day, and worries and  'quiets the mind'. 

My favourite pose
 The Corpse -- Savasana

From the  Yoga Site reference this pose is described:

Possibly the most important posture, the Corpse, also known as the Sponge, is as deceptively simple as. Usually performed at the end of a session, the goal is conscious relaxation. Many people find the "conscious" part the most difficult because it is very easy to drift off to sleep while doing Savasana.

I am an expert definitely at this pose - and it is my favourite. Our instructor - Heather - provided yoga eye pillows that helped attain total relaxation. Very nicely scented as well - possibly chocolate scent would have been nicer than lavender, but definitely pleasant. I did not fall asleep but was very conscious of my muscles relaxing and new-found relaxed state of my mind. In fact my mind went blank at one point - corpse like - was extremely odd to not have thoughts rushing about through my head.

I am falling asleep writing this tonight, so will sign off
... in my relaxed state.

Yoga Goddess in training!!
  My goal to achieve by the end of this 10 week session - easy!

Jan - hope you are enjoying your time away and relaxing as well!

...darleen & jan


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DAY 49 - Exercises: The Mirror & Handstand Push Ups


We are evolving! From starting this blog through our losing weight, starting with 'I CAN MAKE YOU THIN' book to investigating all that is out there and to finding what 'fits' for us. We are combining all advise for the NON DIET concepts and principles and developing a PLAN.

Jan is off to her yearly Cross Stitch Retreat, at Sylvan Lake, Alberta - girls group that meets yearly to get away and enjoy each others company, and common interests with stitching and craft hobbies. It is loads of fun. She will be concentrating on simply enjoying herself and relaxing. The weather is to be warm and inviting for walks. Darleen is a bit jealous, but glad that Jan can get some 'me time'. No alcohol however - so Darleen will be toasting Jan  from Ontario, with her new favorite drink - Margaritas!

Darleen starts Kitchen Yoga this Thursday!! Mat has been purchased - more stories about that adventure. However, it is the best looking mat - fit for a Yoga Goddess, with matching water bottle, and a very cool yoga mat carrying case. It is sure to work wonders for de-klutzing and soon Darleen and her mat,  will be invited on Oprah to demonstrate perfect yoga poses.

As we 'evolve', similar to caterpillars turning into butterflies - we still struggle with some of the techniques suggested to train our brains - such as visualization and the Mirror exercise. We both find it difficult to visualize ourselves at the body shape we would like at times, as seems too challenging. The MIRROR exercise - part three from the I CAN MAKE YOU THIN (which is also similar to exercises in the Menopause Makeover and other coaching exercises).

The Friendly Mirror 
1. Each day, spend at least one minute looking at your body in the mirror. In an ideal world, you will do this without clothes.
EEK - are you crazy? I always close my eyes to avoid looking in mirrors when naked. Am I allowed to have a numbing and blurring cocktail before I do this?
but if that doesn't feel right at first, you may wear anything that reveals your basic shape.
Sure ...   it doesn't feel right NOW, and you are suggesting it will at some time? And anything that reveals our basic shape? A potato sack sounds good.

2. Notice what  thoughts come up, from 'This is stupid" to "God, I hate my thighs" to "Hmmm ... Not bad - not bad at all!"
HAH .. what sort of freak are you? I cannot even stand to look at it unless wrapped in heavy duty spandex or a corset in order to hide all the lumps and sag and rolls! Not bad? Maybe if I put my bifocals on upside down. This is very painful.

3. Send love, approval, and positive energy to the person in the mirror. Let them know that you're on their side, and that your love for them is not dependent on the size of their thighs.
I am sending pity and disgust to the person in the mirror. How could you let this happen? I am ashamed! This is all so hopeless - I should just buy a mumu and fill up on bon bons and kegs of beer. If I send approval - am I not accepting the person in the mirror as is? BUT .. if I stretch myself up very tall and suck in my tummy (ok gut) -- there are small glimpses of who I used to be and want to be again.

I hate the mirror exercise that all these things promote - as supposed to look at myself and say I am beautiful and .. well I am not feeling that way
I see the extra lbs and untoned flab

exactly how i feel!!

it is depressing
that part I don't get

but how smart are we:)

but something about loving yourself as we are ? or seeing what is underneath?
I just get discouraged

but i don't have xray vision

if I love how I am now - then why bother changing?
I have to figure out that part yet too

thats how i feel

must be missing something
I can do visualization of what I want to look like and I try to think of myself 20 lbs thinner

Visualization -
I keep visualizing chocolate cake, and nice velvety chocolate sauce, and creamy cheesecakes.
 mmmm ....  Bon Bons

BUT,  we do keep trying to love ourselves for who we have become, and listen to what our bodies require for nourishment. What food, exercise and other activities make our bodies and minds feel 'good'? And those are the new habits that we are enlisting to create our PLAN.

ADD HUMOUR Exercises
by Charlotte Hilton Andersen




How to do a Handstand Push Up (Video!)


Why people are doing this, I have absolutely no idea!!
I think it is more dangerous than riding my motorcycle... but does look cool.

And of Course DARLEEN will  combine YOGA with the Handstand Push Up technique  >

...darleen & jan

Monday, April 12, 2010

DAY 47 - Just Monkeying Around


With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.

Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think,
Good grief, look how smart I am!

Must be where 'Smart Ass' came from!

...darleen & jan

Sunday, April 11, 2010

DAY 46 - Keeping Our Asanas In Place

  DAY 46 LOG

Yoga is exercise? Great!!
Then I have something to report on my  Daily Mile log and here!!
It will come as no surprise that I will soon become a Yoga Goddess.

Smarter than the average bear...

Darleen has agreed to start  KITCHEN YOGA  course starting this Thursday.
My research has uncovered this unique pose
- Standing Pigeon  or "stretch n kvetch". Sure.
This could prove to be either hilarious, or cause of broken dishes and possibly bones.

 Yoga Instructor Ruth Shaw  NOTE: not my instructor

Yogi Tea is to be served after. I thought that was said in jest, until I realized there really is such a thing - YOGI TEA and also YOGI CEREAL.

I am hoping there is medicinal healing powers and something to de-klutz me. I can do the rather safe Lotus position, and have it down to perfection. Well, except I do get stuck and then walk with a limp for a couple of days. And  I don't think you want to know about how I decided to do on my bed, and then rolled over. Ended up on the floor and there was only a small amount of blood. No lasting scars, other than the usual bruises to my pride.

I signed up for this immediately upon receiving invitation!! Yep, I will be there and can't wait.

Wow - I was proud of myself as this is something
- better than the 1 time to the gym or any other form of exercise in the past - oh 46 days.
  Yep, I will be there. All set!

"Bring your yoga mat."- was the response. Sure - my yoga mat.
That would be right next to my yoga clothes and meditation book.
I knew there was a catch!!

There is always equipment required, and money to be spent for 'exercise'. But seems that no special clothing is required to start with - just comfortable clothing, or yoga pants and t-shirt. So, that just leaves the yoga mat.

I will have the best mat!! Even if I am a klutz, I prefer to look good. Maybe it will help me achieve great Yoga powers.

Where do I find this Greatest Yoga Mat?

Google produced several hits with one being lululemon
- which is Canadian eh!

the lululemon manifesto


.. wish I could have a mat that looked like that 

At lululemon there is this advice about mats - 

You're going to be getting up close and personal with your yoga mat, so choose wisely! Our yoga mats keep your asanas in place with different grip textures and embossed alignment lines. 

What the heck are asanas? I think mine were removed with my tonsils.

 There are several mats to choose from at lululemon, ranging in price from $28 to $98, as well as a skidless towel, and some sort of super sweat soaking up towel for $40. And then of course there are the accessories - yoga mat bag $34, equipment such as a yoga brick, really cool yoga pants starting at $68, and tops, and bras, and underwear, and something called arm warmers with cuffins.

Upon more research into the depths of the internet, I also discovered mats should be chosen according to your age, such as there are mats available for children with cartoon characters motif, and senior citizens are advised to look for a slightly thicker mat such as 1/4 inch to avoid injuries.

I suppose if I asked for a 6 inch thickness along with pillow and blanket
- that would be napping?

I discovered a mind boggling assortment...

There are mats starting as low as $7.95 and going up to the Cadillac version for $106.95. Of  course with Yoga's philosophy of respect for all life on the planet - there is an environmentally friendly yoga mat - $46.95.

The Earth Elements Mat


Seems can be used for added friction or instead of a yoga mat. Cool! Non-slips mitts for hands and feet. Available in Canada at Fitness Flow

And more 'must have' yoga accessories :


Yoga sandals, silk eye pillows,  and even jewelry.

So the quest continues, and since I require the 'Yoga Mat', by Thursday - it appears I will need to trek out to the mall in search of  my Bestest Greatest Yoga Mat.  

... to be continued..

...darleen & jan