Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DAY 62 - First Steps

What to do next?

Getting Unstuck

Darleen is struggling some this week, as things seem to be piling up, and to do lists growing longer. Brain is in overload. Jan and Darleen had a text chat trying to sort out what steps for the PLAN should be this week. Focus on losing weight, but also feeling better about ourselves and how to get 'to happy'.
We did decide that using the CD from I CAN MAKE YOU THIN does work - for relaxing and motivation, and somehow we did manage to lose some weight using it alone. Now to add to it, what works best for each of us, OR what we want to try from our different investigations and experiences.
Jan likes the idea of weight watchers, as has worked for her in the past, is a life change and not a 'diet'.  Darleen just wants to 'feel better'.

We chatted about how to 'feel better and out of sad mode' - and rather on focusing on what are the causes of bringing us down - 'looked at backwards'. We looked at moments and situations that make us happy, or feel energized. hmmm .. what is the first step?

baby steps .. 
and one of the times in our life chubby legs are 'cute'

While considering, Darleen happened to read daily blog feeds, and Monday is one of the more inspiring days often.
Dave Navarro's Rock Your Day has Monday Newsletter

- HIT the nail on the head.

" This week's message is simple:  
Take care of yourself.  That stuff you've been putting off?
Stop putting it off.  Do one thing to put you in forward motion today.

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Start eating fresh veggies every day.
  3. Get some frickin' sleep already, and 
  4. Spend some time in reflection with what nourishes you spiritually/emotionally.
 That is all -
Do it now.  Take care of yourself.
You'll thank yourself for it."


Baby steps are usually taken with support not far behind. Jan is this support  for Darleen  today
 - yes it works that way. 

JAN's  ADVICE  -- get some frickin' sleep!!  :)  xxoo

  STEP1:  Sleep

...darleen & jan

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