Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DAY 63 - Take me to your Endermolgie

You know them...

The people that tell you all about their 5K, 10k runs, and how they get up every morning at 5 am to exercise, or run or go to the gym. They are so cheerful about it. Where does that come from? Is there a drug in the water they use to brush their teeth each night?

How do they get out of bed that early - to  exercise.

I believe the last time I was out of bed a 5 am was due to having a sick child, and we were definitely  not being cheerful. Another time was due to fact I never made it to bed all night, due to excessive work. A very long time ago, I was up at 5 am due to just arriving home after partying.

But ..to exercise? No!  I cannot do it. Bleh.

I know that I am a night owl, and never will be a morning person. Never will you find me taking an early morning stroll to enjoy the sunrise. You may find me taking a late night walk to enjoy the moon and quietness of the city after dark however.

Of course  I usually have an excuse for not exercising in the evening as well. I have done it in spurts, but the habit has never stuck. I do enjoy walking however, and can do it in any weather. Running - yes I did that once - I think I was running away from a mad dog at the time. I have listened to colleagues that just really get a thrill out of running, and become it seems rather addicted. And, I applaud them. Better you than me.

I just completed 10 Endermologie sessions
is something I might say...

You will NEVER hear me say that I just did 5k or 10K.
Maybe it would get rid of my cellulite, but so will cosmetic surgery.

Expensive cellulite laser therapy and roller massage therapy such as Endermologie are the latest development. I love the sound of that as it rolls off my tongue
ender - mol-gie You could rumba dance step to that.

The Endermolgie treatment bed  
- Now this I could get addicted to!!

This can be found in Canada near me  at  the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, which seems to be a really cool place, with revolutionary methods to slim down. It is an interesting site with good information regarding how fat develops, how to get rid of it and ultimately importance of a healthy lifestyle. Scientific evidence regarding cellulite as well - but in my family we are born with cellulite, so what chance do we have - other than the suggestion to run 20 K per week? Cosmetic surgery with non invasive  techniques using laser, ultrasound and massage are very appealing to me.

What about the muscles?

I am enjoy yoga, and also enjoy other like exercise routines such as pilates and stretches. Lifting weights hurts, although I have listened to the advantages of building muscle.
If God wanted me to have rippling muscles, I figure
She would have given me the motivation to lift weights.

Lean muscle mass burns calories. Even when at rest, muscle mass burns calories. This is encouraging, now I can sleep more if I have some more of some of this lean muscle.Although different sources quote different estimates, by the more conservative estimates- each pound of muscle tissue burns around 100 calories per week. WOW!! per week. That is what, one of those barely there 100 calorie chocolate bars worth?

I do not enjoy doing weight training and do not want to look like  Ms Universe. Good news .. it is easy to add resistance to simple exercises that I enjoy. And Yoga does have resistance added as advancing.

So as I become the Yoga Goddess - I just might also add some lean muscle mass, and strength my other muscles easily.  

And maybe someday I will get out of bed early to do SUNRISE  Yoga.
Don't hold your breath on that one coming true, 
but miracles do happen.

In order not to turn into a pumpkin and maintain my goal of getting to bed before midnight ...
I must bid you adieu.

...darleen & jan

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