Thursday, April 15, 2010

DAY 51 - Darleen Does Yoga and Becomes Corpse


I DID IT!!  I completed my first Kitchen Yoga session. 

It went well actually, and I feel very relaxed. No alcohol or other medication was used to achieve this state of relaxation. It was challenging however. Definitely was a workout, and sweat was involved.

  Darleen off to YOGA with the new yoga mat with carrying case.

No broken dishes or broken bones - and more important no blood!! I am not yet the Yoga Goddess, but definitely feel potential. Definitely the designer mat with matching water bottle increased this potential. Every aid available is required.

Mat smells funny, and since intimately involved would be nice if had nice soft scent.
Title of Kitchen Yoga is simply that performed in home environment off the kitchen area.

in order to spare me embarrassment and your pity, there will be no video of the yoga activities until levels of expertise are closer to looking like actual yoga poses.

Yoga has a lot of concentration on breathing, which is very difficult surprisingly enough. We breathe all the time, so why is it so difficult? Apparently it is the fact that draws focus to our breathing and how our body is affected.

We did several beginner poses
Sit/Easy Position - Sukhasana

 Starting  position  helps strengthen lower back and open the groin and hips - not sure about the groin and hips, but definitely stretches - some mild pain was experienced.

Each of the Yoga poses not only stretches an improves flexibility but also improves  balance  & concentration, relaxes stiff muscles, induces relaxation and strengthens muscles - but also reported to increase self awareness, confidence and improve heart and thryoid functions. There is a level of concentration that forces your mind to push away the thoughts of the day, and worries and  'quiets the mind'. 

My favourite pose
 The Corpse -- Savasana

From the  Yoga Site reference this pose is described:

Possibly the most important posture, the Corpse, also known as the Sponge, is as deceptively simple as. Usually performed at the end of a session, the goal is conscious relaxation. Many people find the "conscious" part the most difficult because it is very easy to drift off to sleep while doing Savasana.

I am an expert definitely at this pose - and it is my favourite. Our instructor - Heather - provided yoga eye pillows that helped attain total relaxation. Very nicely scented as well - possibly chocolate scent would have been nicer than lavender, but definitely pleasant. I did not fall asleep but was very conscious of my muscles relaxing and new-found relaxed state of my mind. In fact my mind went blank at one point - corpse like - was extremely odd to not have thoughts rushing about through my head.

I am falling asleep writing this tonight, so will sign off
... in my relaxed state.

Yoga Goddess in training!!
  My goal to achieve by the end of this 10 week session - easy!

Jan - hope you are enjoying your time away and relaxing as well!

...darleen & jan


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