Monday, April 26, 2010

DAY 61 - journey to happiness

How to be happy ..

I have done a lot of research and exploring to attempt to find out 'what's next', why do Jan and I struggle with feeling unhappy? How can we get to happy state?  

I also have been searching for a job, next career, and how to avoid 9 - 5 rat race. Yes causing myself .. more Stress..

MY brain is about to explode - quite literally.  Too much information! At least for my old brain.

But it will always amaze me at how much information is available. And upon attempting to find the total  number of blogs out there - the stats are old but lets just say it will be impossible for me to 'eat the whole thing'. The number of blogs at Technorati  is over 112 million!!


  1. seems you need to focus on the law of attraction, as "like attracts like"...focusing on stress only creates a more stressfull reality. Instead, focus on what you do want, envision how you will feel in a creative, stress-free workspace.

  2. Yes Cyd -- that does make more sense :)