Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DAY 42 - it's the little things..

   DAY 42 LOG

The theme today seemed to be - 'it's just the little things',  'Just little things annoy me.'  .. and well 'it seems so petty.. but 'it's the little things.' Yes , why is that ? We can manage a crisis, do event planning for 200 in our sleep, go through chemotherapy with our child, and major trauma. BUT ..
why did you not give me a good-bye kiss, why does the cleaning lady leave all  power cords unplugged, what is that sock doing on the kitchen table??? Argghhh ... life is just not fair, why me, we get .. well annoyed.

Maybe it is because we are already at our limit of stress. Or, maybe it is because it is just a little thing - so put the toilet seat down. Roofing the house doesn't seem as difficult to accomplish sometimes. Just personal courtesy it seems, so why do others not get it?

I think there is a cliche  or English idiom - 'take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves'. I have no idea what that means anymore than 'it is better to have 2 in your hand than 2 in the bush'. Well something like that. Who makes these things up? 
" the truth is in the pudding" or"The proof of the pudding is in the eating."

The best one is  from the book : Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, and the examples of how she loves the fact that Felipe 'has never quite mastered the exact wording or pacing of certain English-language idioms -
'Don't count your eggs while they're still up inside the chicken's ass'"
... now that makes sense!

I think the issue is that we are so overwhelmed at times, dealing with the BIG things, that it just seems that life would be more bearable, if we didn't have to think about the little things.

Or maybe 'We want to have our cake and eat it too.' ... cake?
Yes definitely!

After all -
'If I eat it alone and no one sees me, there are no calories gained.'

Along with the music theme this week - the perfect music video:

it's the little things  by Alice Cooper

...darleen & jan

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