Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DAY 56 - How can you say no popcorn with a movie?

   DAY 56 LOG

...  Darleen & Jan are working on the NEW PLAN - to get us unstuck and focused on the WHOLE being - meaning ourselves and NOT concentrating on the weight loss. BALANCE is the word.

Jan has returned!! From her 5 days away in the wilderness. Well, maybe it was not wilderness - but she did get away for 5 days. She walked every day. WOW!!

Darleen is still recuperating from her first real attempt at exercise - YOGA. And shall be continuing this misadventure every Thursday for, hum .. 10 weeks? The pain and agony of it. It is expected to get easier and of course she shall achieve the level of Yoga Goddess.
At moment she is the Yoga Corpse.
To clarify, the Yoga is not really what did her in, but seems that the sitting huddled over a computer monitor for 18 hours a day for the past 2 years DID! The Yoga actually is helping the relaxation of the inflamed  muscles.

But again I digress.

Due to Darleen being a bit over-stressed, burnt out, in recovery phase of workaholic syndrome, tired, and on pain medication causing her to sleep excessively and drool if awakened too early - this is delayed until Monday April 26th to start.

Preparation Tools:
Crystal Andrus - Simply...Empowered book.
Cyrstal Andrus 4 Week "VIRTUAL" BODY BOOTCAMP!
Menopause Makeover
Skinny Girl - Naturally Thin
Core Balance Diet

And taken from the Core Balance Diet - this summary seems to 'click' with our situation.
It is the heart of the PLAN 
... and next we will list our activities we will use over the next 30 days.

  1.  Tune in to your wisest teacher, your body.

  2.  Turn down physical and emotional stress, both of which make it harder for your body to feel safe enough to let go fo extra weight.

  3.  Treat yourself to deliciously yummy food and supplements that will ensure you are getting optimal nutrition to restore balance and health to yoru physiology and help you lose weight.

  4.  Tune out negativity in the form of self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

  5.  Take care of yourself on every level: body, mind, and spirit.

What about this popcorn in the title ?

Oh, yes that.  This comes from reading the post for today from Livestrong  - Thinking Thin, which discusses Mental Tips For Losing Weight. Most of the tips are agreeable:

1) It is OK to say no when offered food. 
- sure we can do that, we don't have to take the food just to be sociable
- but only if we are truly hungry and really want it.

2) Replace negative self-talk with positive thoughts.
- we are working on that.

3) Don't feel guilty about not eating everything on your plate.
- give up on the 'Clean Your Plate Club'
- yeah again, we are working on that.

4) Reducing stress improves mental function and also helps reduce the craving for food.
 - makes sense and goes for not eating as well due to stress.

5) Although many activities often are coupled with food, a movie can be just as entertaining without popcorn

- OKAY THAT IS JUST SACRILEGIOUS!! THERE IS NO WAY THAT WE CAN GO TO THE MOVIES WITHOUT POPCORN!!  Maybe.. we can learn to eat less, but this is an absolute ridiculous suggestion. Next you will be having Easter without chocolate and carrot sticks instead.
NOPE!! This is one that we throw away!

Join us tomorrow or the next steps to our PLAN preparation  - JANDAR !!

...darleen & jan

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