Thursday, April 22, 2010

DAY 58 - Remember to Breathe

 Breathe In, Breathe Out ...

I just got back from my 2nd YOGA  class!! So far this is the longest running exercise routine that I have been able to maintain. Shocking. YOGA is very relaxing and more so when we remember to breathe.
Yes I have been known to forget to breathe, or discover when concentrating on doing physical activity to actually - hold my breath. Dizziness and fainting is not recommended - breathe!

Relax -- Today's theme. 
We have been talking a lot about Stress. Let's now concentrate on relaxing. If we learn how to correctly relax, it should be the new Normal, and without getting our panties in a knot over 'how to eliminate stress'.

We all breathe. We do it often. 17,280-23,040 per day is the average for humans. WOW!!  No wonder I am exhausted  - this is is hard work.  Learning how to breathe properly however takes practice.
BUT,  it is worth the effort to achieve complete total relaxation.

From Yoga to Health

"Yoga breathing is one of the most important aspects of a successful yoga practice.
It is even more important than whether you are able to technically perform a yoga pose perfectly!
As we develop a yoga practice, we are not going to necessarily do an asana perfectly. And that is fine - as long as we engage the breath consciously."

The conscious breathing is a lot more than being alive and not in a state of unconscious coma.

It is truly concentrating on the deep slow breathing techniques. There are classes devoted to achieving the proper yoga breathing techniques.  The outcome  is complete relaxation of body and mind.
The days stresses that we have been dwelling on, are washed away.

Breathe and watch thoughts float by
Heather, my Yoga Instructor leads the poses and each pose has corresponding breathing technique. She states how to breathe through towards the body areas  we are trying to stretch further. Also she instructs to allow the many thoughts that are trying to capture our attention, to just float away - and focus on the universe night scene.  "let the thoughts just float away like leaves in the wind."

I had furniture floating away through the wind, as I kept wondering where is the furniture that is usually in this room. Heather has an area cleared for Yoga that has wonderful hardwood floors and open space. Off the couch was floating away, as though lifted by a gentle hurricane. I tried not to concentrate on this 'cool' event, but focus on breathing, stretching and performing the pose as best as possible.

It is rather  amusing how our minds drift from one topic to another, when we are attempt to relax. Or at least my mind does. I was supposed to be concentrating on my breathing, and stretching  but -
- I wonder what that colour of paint is named?
- Where does she get the music she has for background sounds?
- Do I look silly?
- That pillow looks nice and soft, maybe I could just lay my head on it and have a nap.
- Why does my 'Yoga Mat 'smell so annoying? Or is that my feet?
- When I breathe deeply, my tummy bulge completely disappears.
- Maybe I should colour my hair tonight.
- It got dark quickly.
- What is this universe reference and why is it waiting to give to me?
- I place my hands with open palm in order receive energy - where is this energy coming from?
- Do people truly believe this energy stuff?

Also from a discussion with my sister Chris regarding a cocoon state - as appealed to me and created images for me of complete security, safety, warmth and Do Not Disturb state.

           Roca Cocoon Shower

Breathe In, Breathe Out,  Inhale slowly, Exhale slowly... relax...

...darleen & jan

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