Friday, April 23, 2010

DAY 59 - We Heart Pastry

 Something a bit different 

 - just because I have fallen in love with these Tomato Heart - Tarts.
And for Cyd (my favorite cousin under 5 ft tall) - as I promised her this delightful recipe.

Recipe at by Barbara, who started her blog while going through chemotherapy. She lives in Australia, and shares her love of food, wine, travel, movie and anything else that she finds along her travels.

Tomorrow, I will ponder the question Barbara has on her site, and also has been suggested to me is the cause of my excessive load of stress -
Do you sometimes feel the internet and social media has taken over your life?  hmmmm

And ... my adventures in preparing for the week, frozen smoothies and THE PLAN!!

Happy Friday

...darleen & jan

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