Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DAY 49 - Exercises: The Mirror & Handstand Push Ups


We are evolving! From starting this blog through our losing weight, starting with 'I CAN MAKE YOU THIN' book to investigating all that is out there and to finding what 'fits' for us. We are combining all advise for the NON DIET concepts and principles and developing a PLAN.

Jan is off to her yearly Cross Stitch Retreat, at Sylvan Lake, Alberta - girls group that meets yearly to get away and enjoy each others company, and common interests with stitching and craft hobbies. It is loads of fun. She will be concentrating on simply enjoying herself and relaxing. The weather is to be warm and inviting for walks. Darleen is a bit jealous, but glad that Jan can get some 'me time'. No alcohol however - so Darleen will be toasting Jan  from Ontario, with her new favorite drink - Margaritas!

Darleen starts Kitchen Yoga this Thursday!! Mat has been purchased - more stories about that adventure. However, it is the best looking mat - fit for a Yoga Goddess, with matching water bottle, and a very cool yoga mat carrying case. It is sure to work wonders for de-klutzing and soon Darleen and her mat,  will be invited on Oprah to demonstrate perfect yoga poses.

As we 'evolve', similar to caterpillars turning into butterflies - we still struggle with some of the techniques suggested to train our brains - such as visualization and the Mirror exercise. We both find it difficult to visualize ourselves at the body shape we would like at times, as seems too challenging. The MIRROR exercise - part three from the I CAN MAKE YOU THIN (which is also similar to exercises in the Menopause Makeover and other coaching exercises).

The Friendly Mirror 
1. Each day, spend at least one minute looking at your body in the mirror. In an ideal world, you will do this without clothes.
EEK - are you crazy? I always close my eyes to avoid looking in mirrors when naked. Am I allowed to have a numbing and blurring cocktail before I do this?
but if that doesn't feel right at first, you may wear anything that reveals your basic shape.
Sure ...   it doesn't feel right NOW, and you are suggesting it will at some time? And anything that reveals our basic shape? A potato sack sounds good.

2. Notice what  thoughts come up, from 'This is stupid" to "God, I hate my thighs" to "Hmmm ... Not bad - not bad at all!"
HAH .. what sort of freak are you? I cannot even stand to look at it unless wrapped in heavy duty spandex or a corset in order to hide all the lumps and sag and rolls! Not bad? Maybe if I put my bifocals on upside down. This is very painful.

3. Send love, approval, and positive energy to the person in the mirror. Let them know that you're on their side, and that your love for them is not dependent on the size of their thighs.
I am sending pity and disgust to the person in the mirror. How could you let this happen? I am ashamed! This is all so hopeless - I should just buy a mumu and fill up on bon bons and kegs of beer. If I send approval - am I not accepting the person in the mirror as is? BUT .. if I stretch myself up very tall and suck in my tummy (ok gut) -- there are small glimpses of who I used to be and want to be again.

I hate the mirror exercise that all these things promote - as supposed to look at myself and say I am beautiful and .. well I am not feeling that way
I see the extra lbs and untoned flab

exactly how i feel!!

it is depressing
that part I don't get

but how smart are we:)

but something about loving yourself as we are ? or seeing what is underneath?
I just get discouraged

but i don't have xray vision

if I love how I am now - then why bother changing?
I have to figure out that part yet too

thats how i feel

must be missing something
I can do visualization of what I want to look like and I try to think of myself 20 lbs thinner

Visualization -
I keep visualizing chocolate cake, and nice velvety chocolate sauce, and creamy cheesecakes.
 mmmm ....  Bon Bons

BUT,  we do keep trying to love ourselves for who we have become, and listen to what our bodies require for nourishment. What food, exercise and other activities make our bodies and minds feel 'good'? And those are the new habits that we are enlisting to create our PLAN.

ADD HUMOUR Exercises
by Charlotte Hilton Andersen




How to do a Handstand Push Up (Video!)


Why people are doing this, I have absolutely no idea!!
I think it is more dangerous than riding my motorcycle... but does look cool.

And of Course DARLEEN will  combine YOGA with the Handstand Push Up technique  >

...darleen & jan

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    I stumbled across your your positive and hilarious take on the weight loss process! Your post is precious and really is quite encouraging to the reader. I especially liked your step-by-step tips. Keep up the good work!