Sunday, April 11, 2010

DAY 46 - Keeping Our Asanas In Place

  DAY 46 LOG

Yoga is exercise? Great!!
Then I have something to report on my  Daily Mile log and here!!
It will come as no surprise that I will soon become a Yoga Goddess.

Smarter than the average bear...

Darleen has agreed to start  KITCHEN YOGA  course starting this Thursday.
My research has uncovered this unique pose
- Standing Pigeon  or "stretch n kvetch". Sure.
This could prove to be either hilarious, or cause of broken dishes and possibly bones.

 Yoga Instructor Ruth Shaw  NOTE: not my instructor

Yogi Tea is to be served after. I thought that was said in jest, until I realized there really is such a thing - YOGI TEA and also YOGI CEREAL.

I am hoping there is medicinal healing powers and something to de-klutz me. I can do the rather safe Lotus position, and have it down to perfection. Well, except I do get stuck and then walk with a limp for a couple of days. And  I don't think you want to know about how I decided to do on my bed, and then rolled over. Ended up on the floor and there was only a small amount of blood. No lasting scars, other than the usual bruises to my pride.

I signed up for this immediately upon receiving invitation!! Yep, I will be there and can't wait.

Wow - I was proud of myself as this is something
- better than the 1 time to the gym or any other form of exercise in the past - oh 46 days.
  Yep, I will be there. All set!

"Bring your yoga mat."- was the response. Sure - my yoga mat.
That would be right next to my yoga clothes and meditation book.
I knew there was a catch!!

There is always equipment required, and money to be spent for 'exercise'. But seems that no special clothing is required to start with - just comfortable clothing, or yoga pants and t-shirt. So, that just leaves the yoga mat.

I will have the best mat!! Even if I am a klutz, I prefer to look good. Maybe it will help me achieve great Yoga powers.

Where do I find this Greatest Yoga Mat?

Google produced several hits with one being lululemon
- which is Canadian eh!

the lululemon manifesto


.. wish I could have a mat that looked like that 

At lululemon there is this advice about mats - 

You're going to be getting up close and personal with your yoga mat, so choose wisely! Our yoga mats keep your asanas in place with different grip textures and embossed alignment lines. 

What the heck are asanas? I think mine were removed with my tonsils.

 There are several mats to choose from at lululemon, ranging in price from $28 to $98, as well as a skidless towel, and some sort of super sweat soaking up towel for $40. And then of course there are the accessories - yoga mat bag $34, equipment such as a yoga brick, really cool yoga pants starting at $68, and tops, and bras, and underwear, and something called arm warmers with cuffins.

Upon more research into the depths of the internet, I also discovered mats should be chosen according to your age, such as there are mats available for children with cartoon characters motif, and senior citizens are advised to look for a slightly thicker mat such as 1/4 inch to avoid injuries.

I suppose if I asked for a 6 inch thickness along with pillow and blanket
- that would be napping?

I discovered a mind boggling assortment...

There are mats starting as low as $7.95 and going up to the Cadillac version for $106.95. Of  course with Yoga's philosophy of respect for all life on the planet - there is an environmentally friendly yoga mat - $46.95.

The Earth Elements Mat


Seems can be used for added friction or instead of a yoga mat. Cool! Non-slips mitts for hands and feet. Available in Canada at Fitness Flow

And more 'must have' yoga accessories :


Yoga sandals, silk eye pillows,  and even jewelry.

So the quest continues, and since I require the 'Yoga Mat', by Thursday - it appears I will need to trek out to the mall in search of  my Bestest Greatest Yoga Mat.  

... to be continued..

...darleen & jan 

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  1. There are two very smart girls behind those pretty faces!

    Yogi Tea- is absolutely wonderful, rich and full of goodness, a fabulous alternative to coffee.

    Under Lulumon, above, do you see the hot pink logo with all of that healing verbiage? That goes on Lulumon's water bottle and empowers you every single day. Because it's attraction is so magnetic you cannot help but to embody the sayings.

    Do I want one? of course!