Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer is over!

Get out the bath salts --- kids are back in school!!
Family vacation over!!

Yes, it is that time of year - that all mothers are celebrating!
(and maybe some fathers)

Summer Vacation, is now officially over!! Kids, family members, and supporting services are back to work, and out of the house - at least for a few hours of the day.
Of course we miss them - when we can actually hear the bubbles popping. Ahhh...

Jan and Darleen certainly can use at least a few hours of R&R, before getting back to a 'regular routine'. It has been a rather hectic few months, with travel and illness affecting our family and friends. Being the empathic creatures we are and true care-givers - we have taken on some extra burdens. Support is our business, it seems, and now time to spend time on regenerating ourselves and getting our bodies in 'top-notch' shape. Jan is miles ahead Darleen on this, with Curves exercise, Yoga classes arranged and Jenny Craig food plan. Darleen is in the thinking about it stage.

We still have many tasks to face this next few months, and will need to be both strong and prepared. Jan will be celebrating 25 years married to the Amazing Morris. Well, they did accomplish this feat together, so that makes them both Amazing! (but with 5 kids they really had no other choice).

Seems like just yesterday, that Darleen was dancing through the brides hotel room the night before the wedding - ugh we have a photo.
And it is now on the Internet!


Darleen the Wedding Cake Fairy!!

There may have been wine involved with this occasion as well, and maybe jet lag.
Or maybe it was just too much wine!!

But, we all did manage to look amazingly beautiful for the wedding day.
Were we really that thin? 

Happy Anniversary this month to Jan & Morris celebrating 25 years!!
Pass the wine ... and where is my shower cap?

Now to get my runners on and get on with that routine thing. Our 7 day cleanse starts September 12th - 6 more days to prepare and get with it!!

oh ... and we shall discuss Darleen's quitting smoking as well.

Celebrate Back to School!!

...darleen & jan

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