Thursday, August 19, 2010

On our way to detox.

Eating our way to detoxification

Chocolate Obsession
Please NOTE - there are 2 forks and we did clean the plate!
We have been preparing, sort of for our detox week, and evaluating what we are eating. Very carefully evaluating everything we eat.

When Jan and I went to lunch this week - a rare treat since we usually are 2 timezones apart. We did have salads for our first course. Of course we  also had an alcoholic beverage. After all, it was a celebration of sorts. And we did deserve the dessert. Unfortunately we did not get a photo of this magnificent delectable delicious dessert, before we dug into it, and devoured. It was as if it was our last meal.
We did enjoy each and every bite.

Darleen has been monitoring food eaten, drinking more water and switching some of my coffee drinks to green tea. As far as alcohol, I have also cut down and started to have water with lemon more often than wine or beer. This has resulted in having a mild headache each morning - not sure if less caffeine or blood alcohol level less than sufficient. But we shall persevere.

Exercise? Well, Darleen has worked up to maybe 20 steps a day. From bed to the pool and lounge chair, if done efficiently and manages to carry all things required at one time - it can be accomplished. Good planning can eliminate unnecessary steps!
Yes, I plan each night to get up and go to the gym, or go for a walk, or do yoga. But, after reading paper, email and catching up with Facebook and Twitter, the day is half done, and the sun is only available until 4. Will try harder tomorrow or next week.

Jan has  been able to get more exercise, due to her errands and tasks at her mom's. She has been walking the dog Sally, at least twice a day, and getting several sets of 1,000 steps in, with errand running and pacing. It has been a challenging week, and she is scheduled and due some downtime - at Darleen's pool, with her own lounger and pool floatie. Once again, we deserve some fun and relaxation.

We will however, prepare and follow through with the detoxification and learning more about better nutrition. It is time. We have had our fun, and really do wish to more than be thin - feel better and have more energy. We may live a long time yet, and would like to be awake for the best times to come.

If we want to be happy for the rest of our lives - we need to take charge of our health.
We are not going down in a mountain of chocolate desserts, bon bons and alcohol stupor. Or sunburned bodies.

Yoga tomorrow!!

More water please.

....darleen & jan

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