Monday, August 16, 2010

Detox so we can Retox.

Let's Detox to get back to weight- loss

Jan is currently visiting again in Ontario!!  Yeah.
This has given us some time to discuss a few things - such as this weight-loss thing. Particularly since Jan's Wellness clinic has suggested eliminating gluten and dairy, in order to detoxify and eliminate inflammation. BUT - the suggested diet and supplements were, for lack of better words, pukey. She refused !! 

And I bought her some chocolate sponge toffee to cheer her up. Ahh, that is Retox!!

So ... what is next, as we have dealt with happiness, and attempted to get ourselves on a routine of exercise and eating - well most of the time - healthier and controlled. Pass the beer. Oops..

After some investigation and reading several recommended Detoxification books, and online You Tube videos, and blogs, we came across Dr Mark Hyman and his book

 - The UltraSimple Diet
  .. it makes sense.  PLUS - this is a 7 day cleanse.
We can stick to a week!!

Check out  Dr Mark Hyman and his UltraWellness

 PLAN  - we are in pre-detox now. No, that does not mean we are eating everything in site, and drinking bottles of wine by the caseload. hmmm.. good idea however.
We are preparing the plan and will eliminate caffeine slowly, and other changes we can do to prepare for our detox week.

Official Detoxification Week - September 12th!!

We will be honest and journal our experience.

...darleen & jan

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