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How to Shrink Your Gut - menopot or other

This post is longer than usual.  It is worth the read! - My gut has outgrown my wardrobe

OH, but yes, since we are female and over 50 years of age - menopot it is called. 
And we should not have expectations to be able to lose the menopot entirely.

Menopot Definition: Flab around the middle. Other words used to describe - 'muffin top'.
The equivalent for men over 40 and 50 = 'Gut' and 'Beer Belly'. Or 'middle-age spread' and 'spare tire'!

YES!! This is one of the reasons we want to diet. We want to lose our guts!! Our clothes do not fit as we would like, we feel 'frumpy'. We don't care as much about getting older, if we could just feel comfortable without having to wear maternity style baggy shirts. Yes, the younger women show off their pregnant tummies, but we are from the age that anything baggy = maternity wear. We do not like to be reminded of those days, our bodies were temporarily stolen from us by the parasitic-like incubating progeny. Once we have birthed our babies and moved on towards our Golden Years - we want our bodies to represent our glee! We deserve this, after all we have given. Others that have escaped pregnancy, still have challenges with the 'menopot' due to declining estrogen directing extra fat to our abdomens.

Men also wish to lose  this additional fat around the middle - apparently due to sagging egos. I imagine that they also face the mirror not quite as happily as we do, and loosening belts cause similar frustrations.

Millions of dollars are spent for miracle cures to eliminate the menopot and the equivalent male gut.
There is some good advice sprinkled through the MAGIC.
The answer is there is NO MAGIC.

As Noted at Flourish Over 50 >
Here is an excerpt from Dr. Peeke’s article on WebMD regarding Menopot, and how to battle its effects.
I’m going to assume you really want to change and you’re willing to get down to work right now. OK, before you get started, whip a tape measure around your waist across your belly button. Your goal is to be well below 35 inches. If you’re 35 or greater, you have too much belly fat and that’s associated with increased heart disease and diabetes. Keep this in mind as you begin your journey.
Here are the three belly-blasting steps to get you started and on your way to whittling your waist.
And includes such wonderful advice as visualization, monitoring what goes in your mouth and when you eat, and here is the good stuff:
Work your body. The magic formula to blast your belly is a combination of cardio + weight lifting + core work.
It’s great to get in some kind of cardio every day, but just make sure to hit it hard no less than four to five times week. Weight training is vital if you want to see a real shape shifting in your body composition.
Uhuh - sure, so when does the visualization start?
We can visualize we are exercising 5 times a week. There done. Oh you have to actually do the exercising and eating properly. Why, I didn't have to do that when I was 25?
Ahh the runaway estrogen trick.

And for an extra ZINGER 
It is actually true that men can lose their extra weight faster and easier than women. BUT, I have found that they as well have more issues over age 50 in getting rid of the  middle-age spread spare tire. It may be due to a physiological reason the  male-menopause. YES!!

Ok, so we know it happens to the majority of us
- what can be done to at least be more comfortable in our bodies and feel better?

No Bon Bons Girls 
- trials, tribulations and testimonial weight loss journey:


Darleen has suggested the 7 Day Cleanse, but not yet got to doing it. There has been too much good stuff to eat lately. Getting to the store to buy the ingredients has not worked yet either.

I do solemnly promise to make a valid effort after I get past my quitting smoking as of September 30th. That will allow me to focus on the quitting smoking this week, and then eating and exercising after the 48 hour nicotine withdrawal. Or is it 48 year withdrawal?
Anyway next week for sure!!
This will lead up to Thanksgiving and ready me for Oktoberfest beer drinking.
Hmm sabotage already.
But one thing at a time.
Concentrating on Quitting Smoking this week is my goal.

Jan is making progress! Yeah Jan ( mumble, mumble from Darleen) and has lost close to 10 lbs!!
How? Well it is multi-fold.
1. Jenny Craig  
 - she is loving the food and being religious with check-ins and following the program
2. Exercise
- Curves and Yoga  - she is becoming bent out of shape.

Text Transcript Snippets
This has been very entertaining to follow across the miles between Ontario and Alberta:

Jan: Hey are you sitting down? I WENT TO THE GYM!! Don't faint please. It actually felt good :)
Me and Curves are a go again.
Darleen: Excellent - too funny!!!
Jan: It was rather funny yes :) ! Glad it was quiet so no one could hurt themselves watching me try to re-master the machines and the circuit!!

later that same day:
Jan: Stupid headache :) see it's that exercise stuff. I'm allergic!! :) Quick rest took it away.
Darleen: Haha. Well headache was probably due to extra oxygen - your brain not used to :)

Jan: OMG! just finished my 1st yoga class!! hmm... slight headache but feel pretty relaxed:)
Darleen: Good - if any pain use ice - not on your head but back and neck maybe. Oxygen again:)
Jan: Not feeling too bad right now. Not sure about getting out of bed tomorrow however ;)
I have decided I have zero flexibility!

Jan: Just waiting after my curves workout. I'm gonna get fit or die trying it would seem!

Jan: Feeling hungry for junk food tonight :)   - this was after eating late dinner
Enjoying a cup of tea and Jenny cookies. Thinking the sweetness may curb the crave.
Watching Dr Oz and learning about stress relief.
Nothing I didn't already know. Just need to do it!!

And  the bestest ...
Jan: Are you sitting down?? Lost 2.1 today for a total of 5.5 lbs in 3 wks!! I'm quite happy so far.
Darleen: Wow - excellent - it works :)

And here is the latest - well after she called me a Lizard that is ( I like hot weather!)
Jan: K, just finished at Jenny and lost another lb so down 6.2 lbs after 4 wks on program!! I'm quite pleased with my progress so far :)   - note she didn't ask if I was sitting down!
Darleen: Wonderful!
Jan: just gave me the boost I needed to keep on moving forward :)
Darleen: For sure - I have done nothing.
Jan: I think my mind is in the right space right now. Couldn't do it before now.
Darleen: I have lost my mind :)

So that is the UPDATE  - Jan is making great progress, even though several dinner parties and excitement with daughter flying off to Australia and school starting etc etc. She is doing it!!  
DOWN 6.2 lbs in last 4 wks. Now on wk 5 of Jenny and wk 3 of Curves and Yoga.

Yes I'm pleased. Trying to take it one day at a time but not always easy.
Sometimes go back to old thoughts of no time for me and such.

TIPS:  Mind, Food and Exercise need to all be part of the plan and DO IT!!
            One day at a time!

How to Quit Smoking coming up next!

...darleen & jan

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