Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Quit Smoking Without Being Arrested

Darleen has managed to get through the weekend, without smoking 
- just barely. It is not easy.

Steps to Becoming a Non Smoker
I prepared with all the reasons, reading  books, listening to CDs , gathered gum and nicorette.
I did not sign-up to any Quit Sites, as expect that all would come to a sudden halt, and reject me - there must be a limit to how many times you can actually 'try' to quit.
The very first time I tried to quit, was probably the day after I started in 1971 - and the total number of times I have tried must exceed 200. Some tries did not even last 1 hour! The longest to date has been  8 months.

What is different about this time?
One thing.
I know how to quit - just quit.
I know how to prepare - have an official manual.
I know how my body will react - have foods and extra low calorie snacks ready.
I know my mind will try and negotiate - and have exercises and answers ready.
I have done this before.

The One Thing that is Different
I am asking to be RELEASED from the addiction. As that is what is holding me.
I cannot think of freedom or how will get my life back - as my ADDICTION will convince me that it is fine to have just one puff, just one smoke, just one ...
I chant (in my head), while I breathe deeply - "release, release, release" and calm myself.

Your Support is appreciated.

... darleen

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