Monday, July 26, 2010

Be Happy Anyway ... Sunshine!

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

My  feet are driving me crazy!! The pain wakes me up, is a constant thought tugging at me - PAIN, PAIN, THROB, THROB...

Darleen has Fibromyalgia and was diagnosed in 1999, after 13 years of increasing crisis attacks, after possible stimulation of twin pregnancy. There have been good and bad successes with different therapies, medications and exercise routines. Most recently I have been feeling somewhat better, and can only attest this to fact that I am unemployed. I have no stress at the moment, or less due to being able to sleep more at times that I can sleep, rather than having to be on a schedule. Also the wonderful warm summer is a friend to my body, and I have been enjoying. 

Like many chronic syndromes and disease states, Fibromyalgia can be very difficult to have a 'happy' life.  When the chronic situation causes pain, there are some days that it is easier to just hide away.
Finding happiness certainly can still be found with chronic pain, as with other diseases and situations we find ourselves in. However it would be so much easier to be happy, without the pain

Ice helps for very brief time. There is not enough ice this week.

I have found that any pain relief medication is best not to take, due to fact that side effects disable me or cause other issues. I could list all the medications that I have tried over the years, but are all consistent with Fibromyalgia treatments. If anything is new out there, I will find it. 

INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA - #fibro #fibromyalgia #fbs #fms
I have found several new websites, and blogs available. Today, while invetigating Twitter and other social media tools - DIGG, Facebook, LinkedIN, Meetup

Interesting outcome was that I found new blogs and sites, as well as a new book through Twitter search only. I am now following a few that I selected and have been in conversation with other Fibro -- I hesitate to say sufferers,  as all are determined to be positive. A common theme has been to work with others to spread awareness and find ways to lessen the symptoms. Obviously, it also helps to be able to talk to others in same predicament. It is very common for many to not believe Fibromyalgia is real, as we look fine, as there are no outwardly signs. Family may even accuse us of being grumpy, lazy and not the same person. Pain can do that to you, sometimes without even realizing. We think we are being cheerful, as it is an effort at times - BUT, the pain has a way of coming forward.
I am encouraged that I have found some usefulness for Twitter!! More discussion regarding Twitter and my Social Media findings can be found at Social Tweep .

Be Happy Anyway!  
Many people have found this statement to help them smile each day in spite of health issues or other situations less than ideal.
 It is worth trying.

- is there something valuable, useful or good that can come out of being subjected to this? 
1) It allows me to  develop  COMPASSION.
2) Finding solution allows me to really get to know and understand myself.
3) I am meeting people that I would never have met without.
4) Common amongst other Fibro-pals 
- my sense of humour is intensified as is mandatory!!

AND FOR FUN & for Katelynn

...darleen & jan

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