Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tequila is the ANSWER ... no matter the question.

Mexicans don't have menopause symptoms ...

At least that is what Jan and I came to a realization of when trying to sort out the treatments for aging, menopause, hair loss, arthritis etc. There is such as thing as Mexican Wild Yam - that can be used for treatments. So .. we figured that Mexicans don't have the problems we have in North America.
Is it the YAMS? 
NO!! We are convinced it is the Tequila.

Life can be confusing enough, but as we age we are informed that we should take this medication, or supplement  - and in the end we notice no difference. We push ourselves to be the best, be positive and stop thinking bad things. BUT - we sometimes just want to throw in the towel and do it our way.

Tequila for breakfast. Tequila for lunch. Tequila for dinner and beyond.

We would be happy. Sleep would not be a problem. The bathroom would be cleaned more often.

Hot flashes? A thing of the past in our relaxed state. 
Self esteem? We love everyone including ourselves!

Now this is a joke, in order to alleviate our endless quest to find the answer.
Some days it is healthier to joke about and just enjoy the day. And have a Margarita!!

...darleen & jan

Mexican Yam Extract
It is highly suggested that if you would like to try Wild Mexican Yam extract as a form of natural progesterone, you should be under the care and recommendations of a medical doctor or a natural health care provider who has a relationship with your medical doctor or who can develop one.

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