Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happiness is Simple - if we let it be.

SIMPLE and focus is YOU!

Credit:  Keep the Sun

We can only change our own outlook. Would it not be nice if we could make others happy? We can guide them and encourage, but for the most part we are all responsible for our own HAPPY state.
Simple - so why is it so difficult to attain? Possibly we spend too much time seeking happiness and not enjoying what we have.


I have had a few weeks of wonderfulness!! I can always add more joy and never be full, but I have had been having fun and feeling HAPPY. Not working helps with this feeling - however that could change when money runs out. New car, trips, spending time with special people most of all has brought me to this feeling of - YES I am Happy. I am not pleased with my physical appearance at the moment,  due to being unsuccessful with weight loss and some other goals - BUT, I am content and know that will come as I allow. And as Jan says, avoiding mirrors at this point helps - a lot!

I was reminded of how simple being happy can be today, while spending a couple of hours with my granddaughter Katelynn (almost 3) and Harvey (18 months). How getting back to basics and down on the floor and playing can be the best stress reliever. PLAY!!

What do you mean they are upside down?

Children don't read Self Help Books  
The newness of life and being loved is enough - of course all their needs are met and they are safe. They are still innocent, and have not yet uncovered all the complexities of life and they do not know otherwise. Spending time with young children and becoming like them in play can bring back this innocent Happiness.  

Of course then we remember we have bills to pay, and have not yet achieved all the goals we set out TO DO - today, let alone our life. Oh, I am unemployed so that should do in my happiness as well.
According to studies, such as those done by A study done by Ryan Howell, assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University (Read more at Suite101: What Causes Happiness?: Experiences, Gratitude and Spirituality  

"What causes happiness? Experience or possession?
This question was answered in a new psychology study that showed life experiences rather than material possessions led to greater happiness. In fact, the experiential basis of happiness can be seen in two other corollaries — gratitude or the ability to live in the moment and a sense of spirituality." ....

"Experiences also provide challenges and personal meaning. Accomplishing a goal such as running a marathon or writing a book provides meaning within the context of life lived. Possessions are merely things and do not generate the same sense of personal challenge and significance.
What meaning, for example, can one have about a new roof or a new car? Material things, according to psychology professor Leaf Van Boven, are separate from humans and cannot provide the same meaningful contexts as personal experiences."

 This last statement, I must disagree and agree. For myself my new car is an accomplishment, and is a sharing experience. Any car would not provide the level of 'well-being' and warm fuzzies of happiness - BUT this car does. Obtaining possessions may be due to achieving goals, and therefore be entangled in the overall feeling of happiness.

The other point mentioned is Gratitude - or the ability to live in the moment. Simple again and like the innocence of children. Maybe getting back to basics and imitating young children - in the moment, pleasure of the world we can capture our own. 
Of course there is all the 'junk' needed to reprogram our minds, but it's a start.

                                                 If the heatwave has got to you 
- cool off  (kiddie pool if necessary)

...darleen & jan

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