Monday, July 5, 2010

So ... I am no longer HOT?

Formerly HOT ... or at least un-young
  Being at the beach this weekend reminded me that I am no longer  HOT
.. or that at least age is possibly catching up with me.
AND as noted on the BLOG
- Formerly Hot  -
"sudden realization that I was no longer who I'd always been -  a pretty girl who navigated the world partially aided by the advantage of her looks. 
After 30 some odd years, Spanx had found their way into my lingerie drawer, 
and men who asked me if I "had the time” really just wanted to know the time. Imagine!"

Stephanie Dolgoff, discusses many aspects of the what she calls the tweens, appearance and other realities of life as women growing older. I am past that, and to the point of being what is referred to as 'middle-age' - I suppose. So that means I will live until 110, if I am at the mid-point.

And it is sad that we do still put so much emphasis on physical beauty - or outside appearances. I suppose. I am reminded of the articles including photos, of how we as women age - this is just the head-shots. The full effects to entire body is not pretty - or at least I was not impressed. Certainly we can fight against some of these effects, and leading a healthy lifestyle will  ensure we look as good as we feel - usually. But we still age - and to be blunt - WE GET OLD. Of course the benefit is that it is much better than the alternative - we are alive and kicking still.

faces of aging woman

How do we accept or adjust?
There are a variety of changes as we age that we can minimize effects or eliminate - but our physical appearance can only we 'uplifted' so much ... until our bodies do naturally age, with wrinkles and weight gain, and well shifting of 'stuff' to places we are not  used to 'stuff' being.

 So... how do we accept our changing physical bodies?
 OR more exactly still feel attractive and even sexy?

SIMPLE - definitely the packaging does change as we age - BUT the Attitude is how to still achieve feeling SEXY and viewed as attractive by others.

So let's control what we can, make peace with that we cannot,  and start having some fun embracing our age, wisdom, sassiness and power! Attitude. After all we really do not really want to go back to being those people we were, when our packaging was more attractive on the outside. Well, okay we do - but just for a weekend!

I involved Jan on this question - as how she deals with the physical changes to her body as she attempts to get as old as me.  She feels her body after birthing and mothering 5 children is her 'mommy body'. So is well worth any changes, due to all that it has done and definitely changed along the way, but she has 5 beautiful children. She has the same husband that she started out with, and fathered all these children - and he still finds her attractive - and thus she most of the time still feels attractive.
However - as far as attitude and feeling attractive internally -
 " Well I have a vivid imagination and that sometimes helps also. 
Can imagine a lot in my head as long as I don't look too much in the mirror :) "

Uhuh .. as I thought - MUST HONE GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR!!

As this video demonstrates and is silly as well.
Appreciate what we have, the NOW and add laughing at ourselves and ATTITUDE.

RULE NUMBER 6: Don't take yourself so goddamn seriously! - LIGHTEN UP!!

Enjoy YOU - NOW!!

darleen & jan

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