Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Does Your Body Image Suck?

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Do you hate how you look?

Do you wish you were:
  1. Thinner
  2. Prettier
  3. Sexier
  4. Looked more like you used to look

Hmmm...  I just finished watching What Not To Wear   - you know the TV show that people are nominated by friends and family, that require a makeover as their clothing choices are not promoting them in a good way.
"What Not to Wear draws on the personality and talent of fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly to convert participants from dowdy to dashing. Hair stylist Ted Gibson and makeup artist Carmindy add the finishing touches that complete the change."
 First there was Mindy Cohn 
She is child star from the Facts of Life sitcom in the 80s, today she is 44 years old and although her  personality is  vibrant and upbeat, her clothes were dowdy and attempting to cover her  largeness, and to obtain comfort. She didn't realized that her outside appearance was not displaying her happiness with herself and creating the image of who she really is within. The clothes chosen really made her look better - in fact fabulous, along with basic makeup and spiffed up hair styling.

Ok - so she can look better, and even quite attractive - but she is still not thin. She has never been thin however, so this just a better looking Mindy!

Second I watched Maggie - a very vibrant young mother of 2 young children, and had become frustrated with changes to her body after childbirth. She had never felt attractive, and was now overwhelmed with finding clothes to fit, and her self esteem and confidence was at all time low. The transformation was astounding with simple changes to types of clothes chosen, hair style and just a bit of makeup. The clothes selected to showoff her assets made her look HOT!

This one really hit home to me, as her issue was mostly due to changes that had happened to her body after childbirth. I myself am dealing with changes after later in life, after always being thin for 48 years, and suddenly having a completely different body - so similar, as what the heck is this and how do we deal with our body not being the body we are used to dressing and seeing in the mirror. So we cover it up with baggy clothes, and loose sweaters, and playing into the loss of self esteem and self.

Maggie said she never felt pretty or attractive, and I could relate to that as well - as I was always either too skinny, too flat chested, or too lumpy. Although when I was younger and thinner I did put more time into primping and wearing nice clothes, as was easier to find clothes that fit as they were supposed to fit. Now it is a challenge, and due to wanting to cover up the bulges I have become similar to Maggie - overwhelmed so throw up my arms in disgust and keep my coat on a lot.

BUT WOW - did she look magnificent in all the clothes and with the smallest amount of makeup and hair given a boost! She became absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately I cannot link to a photo yet, as it just aired last night. Believe me in the black party dress - and as she stated old time movie start dress - it was an amazing transformation!

Is that all it takes? Yes I would and should lose some weight for my health - but at the same time I cannot expect or more I need to accept that I am no longer 20 and never shall be so again. Bodies change, age causes other changes to our appearance. BUT - as this show very well does, it is our image of our self and love of our self - our Body Image and Self Esteem that should see us through.

How the heck do we dress this new body and face? Well getting on a makeover show would be one way - or learning tips that are posted online and even will send to you on your cell phone (wonder how that works? - like can they see me and tell me to stop wearing the baggy fleece hoodie?).

OR  - a do it yourself makeover with girlfriends. Or you can pay for Image Consultants to do a makeover and assist with what to wear, and choosing clothes that suit the 'mature' you or changed you.

This photo was taken about 2 years ago
- and I can still fit into this dress.

I did have a new one for this Christmas,
but did not have a photo taken.

I will do that
- dress up and take a photo, and show I can cleanup good.

Next is to get some style added to every day dressing
with casual clothing as well as if dressing down going to feel down.

What do you think?
Is there a way to accept who we are on the outside?

Or should we even care, but like ourselves regardless?

And as with the examples shown - even without losing weight these women look fabulous and feel completely alive, feminine and pretty as who they are.

Do you look good when you dress up, but are you like me and not presenting yourself in the IMAGE you should be in casual clothes ? Or even to yourself?
Or every day attire to the office - does it matter how you dress? Should it?

Let's make sure our Self Image Is Brilliant! 

...darleen & jan

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  1. It shouldn't matter to you how you dress but it does to me. If I feel I'm dressed well, I feel more confident and this is reflected in my work and my dealings with others. It is a very difficult thing to try to overcome. We are bombarded daily by the media that tries to enforce their image of the perfect woman - dressed to the nines for work, play and everything in between.