Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex and the City 2 & Happiness Project

 Estrogen has left the building ...

I am in Alberta visiting Jan. Tuesday we had a girls night out to the movies to see Sex and the City 2 (SATC2). We loved it! Against all reviews and even some personal recommendations that it was nothing special - we found it deliciously special, and just the boost we needed. We laughed until we cried and found it great fun. Better than hormone replacement!!

How is our review of the movie so different from the many official reviews? Maybe because we evaluated it as  a story of fantasy while relating to REAL life issues faced by women. The point of the story has to do with marriage, motherhood and menopause in a humourous albeit exaggerated portrayal. Some of the comments are not different however to our experiences.

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Marriage -
Where does the sizzle go? How can it be captured again? Is 2 days off occasionally so ridiculous?  
Of course we are not married to millionaires that buy us black diamond rocks and fall at our feet - that is the fantasy. And admit it or not, I strongly believe most women love to dream about our men loving us in this manner - and it doesn't have to be a huge diamond, but we desire the sentiment.

Motherhood -
Motherhood is rewarding and we love our children dearly. Yes, most of the time that is true - except for the reward part that is often not appreciated until they are grown. Motherhood is a pain in the ass, wrecks our bodies, creates havoc with our sleep and hormones, and the children often drive us NUTS. There we have said it. And then there is 'mother guilt' for even mentioning these facts. We fight our needs to be a good mother and our own selfish pursuits and struggle with the life changes. The physical and chemical changes to our bodies is difficult. We do often dream of escaping - even for 2 hours, let alone 2 days. So yes we could relate to the movies expression of the difficulties of motherhood.

Menopause -
Ahh yeah baby. Samantha's portrayal of her menopause challenges were real and honest. Yes there were some exaggerations, but really the movie hit it right on for us. Many reviewers are either out to lunch or don't have any expertise of menopause. Some were caught up in fact that Samantha is a breast cancer survivor so could not /should not be using hormone replacement - huh? Estrogen has left the building - yes we are right there with you. Biodentical hormones, magic potion creams - bring it on!
We do want to feel like 'ourselves again' and wish our bodies would still function as previously in the bedroom department - our minds and physical attributes and desires appear to be playing tricks on us.
We definitely could relate, and appreciated the humourous over the top expressions of real life challenges with the menopause maze.
Overall, this movie was a joyous event to laugh at our own follies and experiences as women.
Sometimes you need a girls night out. Sometimes you need an escape. Sometimes you just need to know you can escape. Sometimes it helps to know you are not alone with challenges.

 It made us feel HAPPY and ...
CELEBRATES  being a woman and all that goes with it!!

Be Happy!!

..darleen & jan

RALPHIE is right here with us :)

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  1. Like this, glad you're having fun! Re marriage: yes, we crave the sentiment, it's not necessary, but wow, it would be nice. I finally realized why I've always wanted my man to walk in with two tickets to Paris when I watched Love Story (I know, I know, again) -- it was THE movie when I turned fifteen -- and Oliver Bartlett III (Ryan O'Neil) walked in with two tickets to Paris. Somehow that dream never died with me.