Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding Happiness Knitting

Finding Happiness Knitting

This is a photo of my ONE sock that I knit. Cool!!
Yes socks usually come in pairs, and usually have a heel. This one does NOT.
The pattern is supposed to be easier as does not have the dreaded heel to knit. Let me tell you, it is NOT easier. It was quite challenging, and when completed I discovered that I will never wear such a sock. So.. I will also not force myself to knit the matching sock to make it a pair.
This is one sock was completed over 2 week period. Rather than completing mate, I may need to amputate one foot, so that I only require 1 sock!

Weeks 2 and 3 of being unemployed, I went to Alberta and visited Jan (and family). It was actually supposed to be 1 week, but was extended to 2 weeks on final day of the first week, We had barely relaxed or had time to ‘hang-out’. The family still had some events for me to attend as well. With 5 children ranging from 23 to 14, there are always events to attend.

The first 2 days of my 2nd week, I was sick with some sort of stomach disorder, so feel  I did get  somewhat ripped off. The rest was good I suppose.

Jan and I discussed many topics, shared ideas on achieving happiness,  annoyances of aging,  how to lose weight, and  -if we only knew what we know now 30 years ago,
AND OF COURSE – how do we find Ralphie?

FINDING JOY (must be related to Ralphie)

Darleen being in recuperation phase looked at – Hobbies - Do things that brought you joy in past , or find a new hobbie. Hmm, I suppose that LONGBOADING is not a wise choice - Jan's youngest daughter has taken up this 'sport'.

 Think of the cool clothing I could get for this sport!! AND SHOES!!

Brainstorming Ideas ... safer ideas
Jan and Darleen share many of the same hobbies & interests:
  • voracious readers and both have Sony eReaders;
  • Crafts – sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, etc etc
  •  Music
  • Movies
  • Walking
  • Cooking
We noted that Darleen has not done any of her craft hobbies in a very long time., due to excessive work hours with previous job. We had discussed this before Darleen went to Alberta, and decided that knitting was going to be the best choice.

“Oh and bring something to work on at craft morning for Wednesday.” Jan so cheerfully told Darleen. “ACK… you do realize it has been 24 years since I knit last - maybe I can fake it? ” Darleen responded.

And thanks to cousin Cyd, who gave  an unfinished project that only requires straight knitting to complete - Darleen almost did get away with looking like an expert knitter. But, alas chose to be honest and take a stab (with knitting needles) at being a ‘real’ knitter. I purchased yarn beginner ‘how to books’, needles and a few patterns for SOCKS.

YES SOCKS!  I did want to present myself as an expert knitter after all. Jan did attempt to get me to start with dishcloths. “I am NOT 10 years old!” I informed her. I did however allow myself a practice swatch to get back in the track – or more to manage to keep the stitches suddenly decreasing or magically increasing. I discovered some very interesting stitches in my practice to find  my way to knit  and purl.  Now I must emphasize that this was with 2 needles, NOT 3 as required for knitting socks.

I did however manage to complete – 1 sock!!

And contrary to blogging and many of my computer oriented pursuits, knitting is more sociable as can knit everywhere - well except airplanes.
(apparently knitting needles and fondue forks are considered lethal weapons)
I cannot really eat while knitting, without taking a break. Or cannot smoke. Or drink much.
So ...
I did lose weight, and did learn how to smoke more in between
-- yes well working on one bad habit at a time :)

Did I find Happiness! Yes indeed. It was a challenge, something different. It got me away from the constant computer, allowed me to just be, at the same time as creating something. I will continue and look forward to doing more of the sewing and other crafts that I was once known for - and enjoyed as an outlet.

My advice 
- find a hobby that you enjoy, and you will find more happiness in your life.

More tomorrow on our Scheduling & Inspiration to 'get things done, log of our weight loss findings... and when it all falls apart due to INTERRUPTIONS!! 

...darleen & jan


  1. I wanted to let you know I've been nagging and nagging the hubby to get those cutting table plans done! They should be coming soon, he told me he worked on them today:)
    Thanks for stopping by.