Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do We Expect Instant Gratification? YES!!

 Life Is Amazing ... but we are still unhappy

Gotta agree, that we all take our lives for granted and expect instant gratification and instant responses to little effort. We have the technology! This tends to carry over to our self improvements of ourselves - in getting rid of bad habits, changing our lifestyles and taking better care of our bodies. We exercise twice and if no results throw in the towel. Studies have shown that most people that enroll in gym membership cease going within 90 days. Good deal for the gyms, as they only require to have full staff for January to March, due to New Year's resolutions, and remainder of time, they just rake in the monthly dues. Maybe I should get a gym franchise!

This attitude is seen more in the younger generation? Not really, it appears to be a human trait to accept and take for granted what we have NOW, and expect more. You can never go back - they say, and that includes backwards. We don't accept less easily, after we have been to the top of the mountain. If we manage to have the mansion, it is exceptionally difficult to go back to the trailer park. In the video he does mention that possibly we need to go back to having just a donkey - sort of a RESET.

There are places within the world that do not have the luxuries we have in North America. Although surprisingly many have faster service for Smart Phones that within North America - cell phones appear in the poorest homes and have become a priority.

Studies are currently being completed regarding the benefits and adoption of cell phones in low-income countries. It is not 'silver bullet', and these people still walk more, have less technology than we do, and often appreciate life more than we the privileged.

How Mobile Phones are Transforming Africa
"Six out of ten Africans have access to a cell phone, and many people hope the phones will transform development on the continent. In a new paper, non-resident fellow Jenny Aker and Isaac Mbiti separate the hype from the reality."

Many countries still use animals for transportation, such as the donkey and mule on Hydra Island.(small Greece Island)
NO CARS allowed on Hydra 
  • we use the time-honoured method of animal transport. Individually owned donkeys and mules are stationed on the main port where the boats arrive. You will have to negotiate the price to your hotel/pension/villa with the muleteer. It is part of the fun! A single donkey/mule can carry two large suitcases and two carry bags. If you are travelling with an elderly or invalided person or just want to try it out yourself for a laugh, you can also ride on the back of a donkey/mule to your accommodation.

I can just imagine if we implemented areas in our cities that are animal only transportation!!

I have experienced rather humourous (to me) in regard to technology, and Internet Service Providers - people want speed, and more speed and no downtimes. oh my. I have been on the internet since 1991 with a 1200 baud modem, and dialup. If we could get connected and did not receive a busy signal, and managed to stay connected - we were THRILLED!! There were no photos, images, youtube, music - it was text and connecting to people all over the world through searches, newsgroups, and forums. When images became available it took at least 5 minutes to 'paint' as downloaded and rendered to the web browser. Chat rooms and other interactive games sites were text only. As each new feature and functionality was added - we were THRILLED!! Now - we  expect more and more and better and faster and no glitches.

- similar to 'stop and smell the roses'.
RECALIBRATE - not everything needs to be INSTANT - AND - not everything is instant.

We need to go back to putting in the EFFORT - to get RESULTS.
And maybe  .. just appreciate the wonder that we are here.

-- the only method that works successfully. 
Photoshop CAFE TV- Instant Weight Loss with Photoshop CS3 | Adobe TV

The instructor of tutorial admits that if we could apply this to real life, it would put gyms out of business.


GO Article - Instant Weight Loss - Myth or Reality?
"Most instant weight loss programs are scams at best and dangerous for your body at worst. If you really want or need to lose weight here's what I recommend: Get on a proven low calorie diet plan that suits your lifestyle. Use a safe and reasonable exercise plan. Support your diet and exercise with a few carefully chosen supplements. This won't provide instant results, however, you can lose 12 to 20 pounds in two months time while building a happier and healthier you!"

 Make a fuss over the small stuff that we take for granted and appreciate how amazing our lives are.
Or we will send you a donkey!!

...darleen & jan

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