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Notes about CD:
Just a few notes tonight due to being a bit rushed with other activities, but I did want to mention that I have listened to the CD twice now, and it does have an affect.  I am not sure completely what it is doing - while I am relaxing and in a semi sleep state. So far I have NOT quacked like a duck (well as far as I know - I haven't scanned You Tube yet!) or done anything else odd while  transported into a hypnotic state. It does make me feel relaxed and I have noticed that I am standing taller in the mornings now, and I have a general positive feeling. It's not like I have turned into Mrs Happy - particularly as my life at this time is in a bit of limbo due to job uncertainty - more of a calmness.

Jan was listening to the CD for the first time tonight, so will get her report tomorrow. I am interested inf finding out what body reactions she had while listening. Why? Well I had leg and arm twitches and wondered if just me, or if hypnosis reaction. Possibly I was trying dance like a duck?

Today we both have kept to following the 4 rules and so far have not binged out on chocolate or had urges to devour cartons of ice cream. And Darleen stayed away from the beer today!!

I  offered to bake a cake and batch of chocolate chip cookies for farewell lunch at work for Thursday - so that is what I have been doing all evening. All went well, and I managed to only have one sampling of the cookies - yes that is just one cookie,  and kept up with drinking water, and more water, and well I am still drinking water as I write this. uhm .. well I did eat some cookie batter also, but a very small amount. WATER! I need more WATER!!

Baking - I don't tend to eat too much while baking, so was not a challenging situation.  It is when the baking is completed that is difficult and the plate of cookies is calling to me. BUT, I only tasted one!

 TA DA  - cookies and cake

Carrot Cake with Amazing Icing
Darleen's recipe
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Recipe by Bakerella - do take a look at her blog, as she is the most creative baker I have encountered.
You must click your way over to see the Cake Pops and the Cupcake Pops , and well really do go!!

Day 3 comes to an end 
...  and tomorrow I really do promise to go to the gym. 
Well that is a definite maybe.

darleen & jan

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