Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Beer and more beer and lattes today!! So today we were presented with a challenge maybe.
Darleen was invited to lunch at local Chicken Wings spot, that also of course features beer. Sounded good -lets do it!!
Well I was able to order 6 wings with veggies and had one glass of beer - that was ok right? I ate slowly and did not eat past being full. EXCEPT for the beer, as one became 3, uhm  or maybe 4. Things got a bit fuzzy. Evening activities - it is 10 PM and we are just managing to eat dinner, due to errands to run and well after the beer have not been hungry. A bit confused as to how should control the thirst - and will read the book with management of cravings and such. BUT Jan says not to worry about it - continue on!! So .. drank more water.

OK - so it was a bit too much beer, that was proven when I texted Jan, instead of husband Ken to pick me up from work. Jan received the text and  she is in Edmonton, Alberta and I am in Kitchener, Ontario. Her response - "I would love to but it will take me a day to get to you :) How many beer?"  Ahh very funny!!

Jan had a rather upside down day due to being in Emergency last night with her daughter, so napped most of morning, but was able to maintain eating only when hungry, ate what she wanted - such as toast with peanut butter and coffee. Later in the day she had errands to run and managed to get a Latte with a shot of espresso!! It is what she wanted. 

We did discuss briefly about how our friendship was bonded with a lot of focus on food - such as the Sunday dinners with roast beef, mountains of mashed potatoes, gravy and of course the infamous chocolate cake with fluffy icing and ice cream. Beer may have been involved along the way as well.

And I suppose it is true about most friendships  - that they start over going for lunch, coffee, wine, etc. Jan and I were introduced back in 1975, and were both young and SKINNY, and loved to eat. We liked McDonald's fries, Harveys,  tacos that you could only get in Brantford at the time, and shared many bottles of wine over the years. I was older and married to my first husband at the time (yes there have been several) - so we had the apartment and hosted the get togethers - beer and chips while the guys watched sports  during the week - BUT always we had Sunday dinner. I enjoy cooking and always believed dessert was a necessity - chocolate cake being my favourite, but also featured apple pie or pecan pie and always ice cream - it is one of the major food groups is it not?!

Now when we first met we wore sizes like 2, 3 and 5 -  freaking single digit clothing sizes! We must have been mere children. We did get a lot of exercise however, without really realizing due to our lifestyles and work at the time. We were constantly on our feet, walked to the bus and farther when missed the bus (well that would be me that slept in), and also danced our beers off when out at the local bars on weekends. And we probably did not over-eat as much, as we really did eat what we wanted and usually only ate until full. Actually there was a time that Darleen was under-weight and was eating ice cream and milk shakes to add weight -- and there were those that said 'just you wait until you hit 45, then the you will be trying to lose weight', 'be careful what you wish for' - and well did they have to be correct?

And chocolate!!  ahh yes we have both always loved chocolate, and definitely this is one food that we can eat until we cannot move - we do embrace the idea of Death by Chocolate. It has cured many pains and been there when we have celebrated as well. Definitely we will need to read the chapter 6 Craving Busters several times.
And then there is the Emotional Eating -- all those broken hearts & hormonal ups and downs along the way, and didn't we deserve that entire chocolate cake? We have much work to still do it seems.

THE BOOK - has checklists for each day 
- Success Journal

1. I ate when I was hungry - check
2. I ate what I really wanted - check - plus beers
3. I ate consciously - check   - still feels odd when eating with others
4. I stopped when full - check
5. I drank water - check check check ...
6. I moved my body - uhm ... half a check  .. I walked through Costco and Walmart
- yes do need to re-read chapter 5 and do the motivational exercises to get going on this!!
7. I listened to the CD - check - and copied it to iPod for easing listening to in bed
8. I did mirror exercise - uhm... what is the mirror exercise?
- okay page 93 has the mirror exercises, which is to readjust how we think about our bodies...
- I can start doing tomorrow.

One POSITIVE THING I noticed today ...
Well for Darleen, it would be that I drank 4 beers  and did not throw up!! Maybe that was not exactly the right positive thing - so how about, I am feeling relaxed and enjoying water, and learning how to determine when hungry and when full.

What I"m LOOKING FORWARD TO tomorrow...
Getting some exercise!! Well maybe tomorrow.

Stay Tuned for more fun adventures as we GET THIN.
I am off to listen to the CD - will report tomorrow what the heck that is all about.

...darleen & jan

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