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So today was Day 1 of our challenge to focus on weight loss, following the book
by Paul McKenna -  I CAN MAKE YOU THIN.

Darleen drank a lot of water  -- like a lot, which really helped with adding some movement to my day. Walking to the bathroom added at least 50 steps :)  Jan had a good Day One and also noticed much more water drinking and less coffee.

What is this method all about? Well it is not about counting calories, or weighing yourself each day - but using your mind through self hypnosis techniques and the book includes a guided hypnosis CD. I have not yet got that far. I have read the book however - quickly once through and on second time reading.

What is this 'revolutionary system', that is going to help us achieve our goal of being THIN again?
The book, as well as in the courses that Paul does first explains why DIETS don't work, and in fact help us to get fatter and feel more like a failure each time. uhuh ... we agree with this, as that is certainly where we are at.  And the MAGIC solution is?

There are 4 Golden Rules to follow - which are explained in the book:
  1. Eat what  you actually want.
  2. Eat when you are hungry.
  3. Eat consciously and enjoy each mouthful.
  4. Stop  when you think you are full
  The methods of how to follow these rules and explanation makes up the remainder of the book. It is a short book and to the point, written with humour  and also success stories by REAL people.  And the photos don't have the small print - RESULTS NOT TYPICAL - like you find in the ads for diet pills and many other weight loss methods! It makes sense, although the hypnosis part I have yet to get into.

The CD is to help reprogram our minds- a form of hypnosis - and I hope it doesn't make me quack like a duck!! I am going to listen to the CD tonight before sleep.

Darleen's  Day One with the GET THIN method:
Breakfast - well I could not figure out if I was hungry, so drank water like suggested in book and still didn't really feel hungry. I was feeling 'pressure' that I SHOULD eat, but tried to follow the instructions of only eating when hungry. Therefore, I got ready for work and packed an assortment of food to take with me. On the way to work I suddenly felt hungry - but I didn't have anything to eat. Ok, I was able to relax and recall that I had some fruit and other things that I could eat once I got to the office. COFFEE!! I WANT COFFEE!! ... am I supposed to drink coffee? I guess if I want it.

Arrived at OFFICE - had cottage cheese and papaya - I ate slowly mouthful by mouthful, and had to say I was not enjoying it and really did not feel that hungry. COFFEE arrived and I enjoyed that very much.
Mid Day - what some people call lunch time ( I rarely have ate lunch while working) - I did feel hungry, but drank some water to determine if was thirsty or hungry. YEP, definitely feeling like hunger pangs. I ate a can of spiced tuna in tomatoes that was very yummy, and a large apple and more water. I felt satisfied. I did have some bread as well in my lunch bags of assorted foods and had that a short time after as was feeling still a bit hungry. More water.

Of course with all this water - I was walking to the bathroom several times more often than usual - so I will count this as my additional steps taken today. Hey!! I know it is not the gym workout as promised - but you gotta go slow! Or at least I do.

Supper - upon getting home shortly after 6 I was very hungry- or I suddenly noticed that I was at least. I wanted soda crackers with cheese spread - so that is what I had, slowly until hunger pangs were gone. Felt rather odd, as SHOULD I BE EATING THESE CRACKERS AND HOW MANY?? I drank more water.  My husband and our male room-mate were shovelling snow, while I was enjoying my pre-dinner appetizer. They both came in and were hungry and ready for a nice meal - which I was in process of cooking. Spaghetti with home-made sauce, and asparagus on the side.
I took  a smaller amount than usual, and ate very slowly -- I struggled with last few mouthfuls, as was I full? But there are only a few more mouthfuls, and very tasty - I should eat it. So going against the feeling of being full, I did eat the last 2 mouthfuls. I ended up feeling slightly past full. The guys meanwhile wolved down 2 platefuls in the time I slowly enjoyed each morsel. More water - but still feeling like was missing something. Milk!! I had a nice glass of milk and felt satisfied, with just a bit too much spaghetti. Weird feeling for sure!!

Evening - drank more water, but no hunger pangs so far. Watched my Desperate Housewives most recent episode - ate nothing while watching. Watched  Olympic Figure Skating competition - ate nothing while watching. Now updating blog and feel no hunger pangs at all, and no cravings so far.

Jan's Day One Update:
Jan  -  I do have trouble calling her Jan rather than Janet - but hey she still calls me Ralphie sometimes. That is a story to be shared later :) - is in process of reading the book,  but is 'pumped' for this adventure. She even managed to get some walking in today, and better than myself, was actual walking for sake of getting some exercise rather than jaunts to the bathroom. She drank more water than coffee today, and I found myself doing the same. She had a lunch date - no I don't know who was with, but don't think it was anything elicit - and she reported she managed to eat following the rules. For supper she had a nice salad, along with pasta with meat sauce. She is now sitting in the Emergency room with her number one daughter, who is suffering an allergy attack!! But not to worry, as Jan is a nurse (retired nurse, but always a nurse), and manages this sort of excitement well. If she gets hungry and wants a BOB BON - well as long as she really enjoys it and stops when she is full - that is OK!!

So far so good. No weighing. If we must weigh ourselves - the book recommends waiting for 2 weeks.

How much weight do we want to lose? Well I informed Jan that I would not yet share our current weight, but enough to say that we each have a goal to lose at least 30 lbs. We want to focus on how we feel and how our clothes fit, than actual number on the scale. YEAH right!! We want to get as close as we can to our before children (BC) days of 120 LBS! But we will settle for slightly higher number if we an get to the 'feel good and look good' state.

Photos of our journey through life to this point to come over the next few days.
But I do have to mention one of our followers, and I do have a photo of his lean and trim body - Jan's number 2 son. As he thought I should mention him, since he is one of the our VIP followers.
 Here he is at 19 years old - Jan's 3rd child of total of 5 - 3 boys and 2 girls -  MARK!!

Thanks for following our adventure MARK!!  You are an inspiration!!

...darleen & jan

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