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Retraining our brains - with the guided hypnosis CD included with the book, has been a bit challenging. We appear to be resisting. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as we are control freaks maybe? Or for Jan, she believes that is due to her uncertainty of what it is doing to her brain and 'scared of hypnosis'. 

Jan's Experiences:
Jan reports a weird, but soothing experience and did feel relaxed when completed. She has read most of the book now and the 'light is going on' as she sees herself in many of the discussions in the book. The one difference she has noted, is a HUGE  increase in energy. She has been in her words - a little worker bee!! She managed to complete several household projects in just one day. She likes the Energizer bunny feeling, and feeling of positivity that has made itself at home within her. Other than thinking about food a lot and what to eat she has been successful in following the rules. 
WOO HOO!! Progress.

Darleen's Experiences:
Darleen had a good day for the most part regarding eating properly - well except for the 3 martinis for lunch!! Ok, to explain - the company I currently work for has been going through major issues for over 1 year that led to finally sale of company. Wait .. there is more to explain the martinis. This week the sale will be final, and the company as we have known it will end. CELEBRATE!! We had a farewell lunch complete with choice of martinis and beer!! This went along with the New York style sandwiches, carrot cake and cookies. I ate appropriately following the rules almost - ate a bit too fast, which I will blame on the martinis influence. The martinis were ... yummy!!

Darleen's Hypnosis Log:
Darleen has listened to the tape 3 times now, and by the 3rd time I think I have managed to lose the resistance and relax properly.The first time my legs and arms were feeling painful and jumpy, which I think was my effort to try and stay aware and not be controlled by someone else - or as Jan states due to the fear of hypnosis. 

We all seem to recall seeing a stage performance hypnotist that was successful in hypnotizing several volunteers from the crowd and had them do such things as quack like a duck and squawk like a chicken - funny when is someone else, but no way am I letting someone do that to me! There is a trust that needs to be developed before the hypnosis can be truly effective. 

The 2nd time was rather sitcom worthy. I decided to listen to it from my ipod and in my bed before going to sleep. I settled into bed beside my husband Ken, who was already asleep. I very nicely arranged myself comfortably. I was snuggled down,  listening and following the relaxation directions. "SNORFT taa Huuu!!" Or something sounding like a huge snow-blower sound was snorted from the other side of the bed - SNORING!! This interrupted my relaxation. I attempted to regain composure .... after pushing and prodding Ken to STOP SNORING. BUT it quickly became apparent that I was focusing more on the snoring sounds, than the message being transmitted into my ears. Well,  and plus with pulling the covers over my head, I had knocked out the left earplug. I was quickly abandoning my relaxation and hypnotic state. All effort was directed to fantasizing about putting a large pillow over Ken's head to STOP THE FREAKING SOUND!
Deep breath.
I retrieved my pillow and ipod and exited the bedroom.
I  made myself comfortable on the couch and fully achieved relaxed state.
Ahh... life is good sometimes - ugh the couch was a bit lumpy however.

By the 3rd time I was able to fully relax and actually don't recall much of the end as I drifted off to nap land. I did notice that I actively heard more of the instructions than I had noticed in the first 2 attempts. My legs and arms were more relaxed, if not completely.

I did some quick reading and research on hypnosis and exactly what it is, and who is really qualified to perform to get some answers. After a few with psychology mumbo jumbo, I finally did find one that has easy to understand information and answers

The point that I appreciate is the following excerpt:
Always bear in mind ego cannot be detached in hypnosis. This means you will not relay information during a trance that you would not normally discuss. Your moral and ethical codes can never be violated.
- So you can not be made to do something against your will.

     This  all made sense to me, and I think I can relax fully and allow the instructions to work on my subconscious mind going forward. I am NOT being controlled but allowing direction and reprogramming to take place.

    This site I discovered that has a large library of hypnosis mp3 files and scripts that can be downloaded  - for a cost.
    I did a quick search upon noticing the list of everything from improving your sexual libido to stop cracking your knuckles.

    SEARCH: snoring
    And the result?

    Download Available: Ignore Snoring  $12.95  OR
    Ignore Snoring and Fall Asleep Fast 
    (The Perfect Partner download)


    Tomorrow is Friday 
    ... DAY 5 success and dealing with emotional  & stress eating pangs!!
    - without martinis or beer.

    ...darleen & jan


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