Friday, February 26, 2010




 FITNESS!! Exercise!!  Move it or Lose IT!!
Now, we gotta go slow with this - we are over 50 after all.
We have read the chapter on Motivation and are already members of gyms. We have the shoes, outfit and spiffy gym bag. Darleen even has a very snazzy black hand towel and purple log book.  I did drive by the gym today.

Darleen's gym -

This is the outside view.

A group doing Zumba
            I was reading about it getting motivated!!

 Jan's gym  -                          

And she also has                             

WOW!! Look at that great equipment!

We are preparing, and doing more STEPS per day, with additional walking that we can get in with regular daily tasks. Recommendation in book is to add 2,000 more steps per day to start. hmmm... I think I might be up to 100 steps now, due to sitting at computer for 15 hours a day. Jan has been doing her household projects and is 'moving more'.

We shall get there .. one step at a time ... and maybe even do Zumba or  TRX!!

Millennium Place has TRX fitness  - for people that want to spice up their workouts.

TRX - Total Body Resistance Exercise, relying on your body weight.

TRX,  was invented by the United States' Navy Seals as a way to work out while deployed in ships and submarines.  It uses two nylon straps hanging from the ceiling, and you then  can hook your feet or arms and do a variety of exercises, with your own body weight providing the necessary resistance.  SCARY!!

As I said ... ONE STEP AT A TIME.... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10  steps to fridge for my WATER!!

I have worked up a sweat just thinking about exercising and looking at the photos.

Oh and did I mention that Popeye's Gym is a 24 hour gym - so really running out excuses to not find the time to get there.

I Darleen do solemnly promise 
- Saturday morning 9 AM,  I will  do basic aerobic workout at the gym.


Have a great weekend everyone ...

 One Bite and One Step at time!!

...darleen & jan

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