Friday, May 7, 2010

DAY 71 - Never too old to be a Rock Star!

I saw Ralphie!

Yes, I saw Ralphie yesterday at the hair salon. She was hiding - within 'Helen', a delightful white- haired woman. Helen was getting her beautiful white hair styled, and requested streaks of bright pink and purple. It was absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes twinkled, as she stood up from the chair when all coiffed and colour shining.

"Well" I said to her, " that is quite wild hair that you have there!"
"Do you like it ?" she responded.
"Are you a Rock Star?" I asked her.
" Well I would like to be, and after all I am only 70, so I have lots of time." she came back at me.
" Next you will say we should be Exotic Dancers - at the old age home!" I teased her.
" Yes, we could be a team." she said with eyes dancing.

Her face glowed with radiance, she was trim, had stylish clothes and the latest fad in eyewear. She was a bit slow with walking - but it was the smile and chance to brighten each person's day that she encountered. Well, and the pink and purple streaks in her whiter than white hair.

Yes, that was finding Ralphie. I enjoyed the exchange we had, and felt lighter and a sense of 'happy'.
Thanks Helen!!

And how about the Exotic Dancer role? Well the true art of Strip Tease, or the Burlesque style is more about the art of removing clothes -  than nakedness. It was considered risqué, decadent and entertaining! There is an image of glamour, mischief and sauciness presented by the true burlesque strip tease. The idea is to celebrate the female beauty artfully. To be successful for an audience of one or many, you need to feel good about yourself. And who knows, maybe it makes you feel better about yourself.

The props can hide a lot of imperfections.

Now if we can just get ourselves more sleep, and out of these flannel pjamas we might feel more glamorous.   More on our progress tomorrow.

And ... a smile for today regarding weight loss tips.
The correct way to weigh yourself:
I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years.

I feel happier already!!

...darleen & jan

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