Monday, May 17, 2010

DAY 79 - Finding Ralphie and Momentum..


From our many readings of self-help books and helpful blogs, we should have achieved our perfect lives, reclaimed our slim bodies, found incredible wealth, along with everlasting love and good sex! BUT  - it is like we are spectators, watching on the sidelines. Why are we so lethargic?

What is it that we need to get us moving and having the 'momentum' to follow through?

We have done a lot of thinking on how we once were, and tried to figure out what has made us stuck in the muck. We can blame it on old age, or having children - but what changed? We still feel like our Ralphie selves inside, but with a lot more experience, trials and tribulations under our belts, and don't recognize ourselves in the mirror. Ralphie did things because she wanted to do, and had no real fear of failure. We now fear and are finding things just .. well harder. When we were twenty, we could eat all we wanted, and if we gained weight - just slightly cut back for a few days. We maybe didn't always like ourselves in the mirror, but with a few beauty tricks quickly resolved - now the beauty makeup tricks really make little difference.

Areas of life to deal with in order to get to  OUR HAPPINESS:

1) VITALITY  - energy  = MOMENTUM
  • How do we achieve the energy that we had in our Ralphie days? 
  • What has drained our energy?
  • Weight & Appearance
  • Self Esteem
  • Being a Nicer Person
  • Stress Relief

  • Marriage, children and friendships
  • Our Bucket List
  • Being True to Self - want to we really want to do
  • Giving - leaving something of value
This is not a step by step process of going through our outlined areas, one month at a time. We don't have time for that. Darleen currently is in job search mode, and that is a heavy burden along with the other issues that will affect the outcome. Janet is dealing with family illness and being a support system. We continue to look in the mirror each day, and not like what we see - BUT we simply do not have time or energy to do anything about. We need to work on several of these areas at one time.

Sweat the small stuff  ...
It is half a century of small stuff that has got us here.
Day ONE:
  • Get 7 - 8 hours of sleep
  • Get dressed in comfortable clothing
  • Go for 15 minute walk 
  • Eat healthy and stop when full
  • Spend time on cleanliness and appearance
  • Take scheduled breaks
  • Drink 8 glasses of water 
  • Find one thing that will improve MOMENTUM level
    -->Darleen is working on decluttering 
  • Count Our Blessings
  • Go the Extra Inch
  • Set An Example
  • Appreciate Ourselves
  • Visualize Perfect Self
  • Find Solutions
  • bird by bird, inch by inch
This is correct - we are working on ourselves, as after all we cannot change anyone else. 
Of course that seems to make the most sense, as if everyone would just do as we wish, 
then we could magically be 'happy' - or maybe not?
See you tomorrow!!
 Oh.. there is motivational music to listen to while walking that can be found online .. of course I Googled. One site I found -  is rather interesting selection of music and facts.
People who listen to music during their walking fitness workouts tend to exercise more frequently, for longer periods of time, and with greater intensity. 

I would tend to dance instead of walk, and could end up hurting myself  ... like the car alarm music, to exercise to:

...darleen & jan

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  1. I just realized what your next career could of those directing traffic cops that dance out their directions! Whaddaya think, huh?