Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DAY 74 - Happiness Project ... just hold on

Prepare to be Happy?

Yes, we do need to prepare to be happy. This is serious business.  We have 6 months towards our goal, therefore will designate 6 areas of life stuff, that we want to experiment with better ways of managing.
Darleen is away this week on business, and Jan is preparing for a visit to Ontario. YES - we shall be together soon. And although there is some family illness to take care of, making the visit  bittersweet., most of it will be sweet.

BUT !!

Yes, there is always a but, with us. At least at this moment of our lives.
Our quest to find our 'Ralphie', requires some preparation.

             Number 1 TASK:


                       R: REST
                       E: ENERGIZE
                       C: CLEAN
                       U: UPSIDE-DOWN

                       P: PROTEIN
                       E: EXTRA NICE
                       R: REFRESH
                       A: ACTION
                       T: Take Off your pjamas
                       E: ENVISION

...darleen & jan

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