Sunday, May 30, 2010

DAY 92 - We Will Not Age ...

   We Are Survivors  ....

Jan has been cleaning the house, and feeling good about that, even with SNOW in Alberta!! Ontario is beach weather and Darleen is out riding - motorcycle that is.

Darleen has too many swirling thoughts, and questions - about the purpose of life, how to get unstuck, why do cancer victims and survivors get more perks that healthy women, are we all survivors, when does menopause stop, why am I so exhausted, what do I want to do with the rest of my life, should I start a business, what do I have to sell, what will I leave the world to know I was here???
And that was just the first half hour of the day!!

What are my 'core values' - I dunno - wake up, get up, make money, be nice to people, love lots, laugh more, sleep more? Do I have a global purpose? I am Darleen, NOT Mother Theresa...

Argghhh ... and instead of a bolt of understanding I get a HOT FLASH ....

Humour will see us through.

More clarity to follow - we hope.

...darleen & jan

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