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DAY 92 - Take This Pill.

   All You Need ...

Our Happiness Project involves us achieving a healthy state - which includes taking care of any ailments and also routine, regular maintenance as well as exercise, and state of our pysche and emotional health. 
This could lead to a 2 year long project - we have a lot of 'issues'.

 Both Jan and Darleen use prescription medicine according to our doctors, and also over the counter medications - for several ailments. Since we come from a medical background, we trust doctors and medicine as we accustomed to receiving a prescription to 'fix' our ailments.

Both of us also have experimented with naturopathic medicine, and herbal remedies. Some of these appear to help certain ailments, and others we are just not sure about. The biggest negative we have with this approach is the COST. Jan has advantage of living in a different province and has most of her biodentical hormones and evaluations paid - Darleen on the other hand would require to spend without compensation about $1000. That is a low cost for good health, and if methods are found to repair and find alternatives

Since we do have a scientific background, we often investigate on our own - to find the scientific cures and proof. However, as often reported the reports and studies in some cases have been found to be inaccurate - such as the Autism-Vaccine Study, that was retracted under controversy. How do we know what to believe? Particularly if you are over 30 years of age, you will have experienced changes in traditional clinical medicine and pharmaceutical practices. And if you are older than dirt, like many of us feel,  at least some days - you know that we no longer use leeches in medical practice, and many of the trusted medications such as diet pills and valium are used quite differently now or not at all.

Medicine does advance, and since doctors and scientists are human- they do make mistakes and learn better practices along the way.

In the summary Prescription Diet Pills at Health  - which also includes current FDA approved and 'Potential Future Weight Loss Drugs in Trial Stages', but the 'History of Diet Pills' did bring back memories to me from the 1960s.

"History of Diet Pills

In the early days of diet pills - the 1960s and 1970s - diet pills were primarily amphetamine derivatives, otherwise known as "speed". As a result of the addictive properties of speed, doctors ceased prescribing these drugs for weight loss."

I recall the neighbour mothers - or some of using these pills, and being very excited about them. My mother and most mothers at that time, were stay at home moms (SAHMs), and in our neighbourhood would get together for coffee clatches. Today we have Facebook! 
I do remember (my mom can maybe recall the details) that the ladies were so excited by these breakthrough pills for losing weight - due to the fact that they had added benefits. They energized them to get their housecleaning done in record time, and still have energy left. None of these ladies thought they were taking 'speed', and trusted that the doctor knew best, and it must be safe. I do remember that it was taken off the market and these ladies were sad to see their energy pills no longer available, but I don't believe they had any ill effects due to the short and limited time they had used the drugs.

 SO ... 
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My POINT  - that we cannot know for sure what is best for our ailments, whether it is prescription medication, herbal remedies , yoga, meditation - or colon cleansing  that will answer our prayers to good health and happiness.

I read in a diet book this evening, that tylenol should not be taken every day as it will destoy the liver, and that antihistamines intefere with thyroid function -- and I take tylenol sinus and allergy medicine every day!! I also have a thyroid dysfunction and take thyroid prescription medicine. I have not been happy with the results of the thyroid medicine completely - BUT, is that the fault of the antihistamine or fault that I am not practicing complete whole wellness?

HMMM .... just maybe we need to look at the WHOLE person.
This takes us full circle to our Happiness Project

We have discovered in the past 3 months or so - that we need to take action to become HAPPY - and to achieve this state of contentment, we have to look at ALL. OK - 2 years I said earlier, maybe this is a 10 year Project!! Actually it is a never ending project - BUT, by Christmas 2010 we should have a much better understanding of our bodies, and selves - which we predict will allow us to be US again.
FIND  RALPHIE  by Christmas!
Over this past weekend, I encountered many articles and issues that have my head spinning. At the same time I am now unemployed and thoughts are cluttering my mind with how, what, when to deal with that. We do not have the luxury of having complete stable lives, that we can integrate our Happiness and solutions for better wellness and losing the weight that is at the forefront of our 'WANT TO CHANGE ABOUT Me'  list.

BUT  - yet again - we have to start at Step 1. 

THIS WEEK - May 31st - June 6th
More of the same PLUS add MORE exercise
& The PLAN in ACTION - accountability and exact details
  • Get 7 - 8 hours of sleep
  • Get dressed in comfortable clothing
  • Go for 15 minute walk 
  • Eat healthy and stop when full
  • Spend time on cleanliness and appearance
  • Take scheduled breaks
  • Drink 8 glasses of water 
  • Find one thing that will improve MOMENTUM level
    -->Darleen is working on decluttering 
  • Count Our Blessings
  • Go the Extra Inch
  • Set An Example
  • Appreciate Ourselves
  • Visualize Perfect Self
  • Find Solutions
  • bird by bird, inch by inch
  • THINK BEFORE ...  - Live Consciously
  • Develop THE PLAN - in written format
  • EXERCISE PLAN - yoga, walking, running, gym etc
- to achieve clean uncluttered, organized house by Friday 12 noon, June 4, 2010, before getting on plane for Edmonton.
- this will be organizing around renovations, to achieve happier living environment
- even though house infrastructure, walls, and decorating cannot be changed at moment 
- finding a home for all 'things', removing unused items, general cleaning and tidy appearance to be achieved.
- this includes internal house main floor, outside areas to include flower beds and pool area.



...darleen & jan 

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