Sunday, May 2, 2010


Interesting things I found today -

At the blog: The Presurfer
 that lists site purpose as Daily Dose of Diversion
 - how to breathe to reduce stress
    The Breathing Circle is a tool for combating stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.
Try It - very cool. Helps for relaxation and also if quitting smoking, eating or other habits.

Which led me to Breathing Circles

Groups meet to practice breathing

So, what is Breathing Circle?
Breathing Circle is a network of people who are committed to:
  • Health and healing through breathing practice
  • Self-healing through transformational energy states
  • Conscious community meetings and workshops "
Only in UK you say? hmmm

And  if you really want to spend mindless time procrastinating

Connecting Bloggers  that lists Most Bizarre Sites and Oddities

Such as :

Unfortunately Placed Ads

And ..
  Most Bizarre Body Modifications  
** WARNING: not for weak of heart**

Eyeball Tattoo
 And My Favourite Chocolate Link for today:

Levain Bakery Copycat Cookies

At My Baking Addiction  

Happy Saturday and a Better Sunday  !!

...darleen & jan

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  1. gee...and all I did yesterday was bake a hot fudge cake. Must blog today...must first wake up!