Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Weary is how we are both feeling today. 

 Darleen's granddaughter Katelynn - weary

Jan is still struggling with bronchitis. Super husband Morris, provided chauffeur duties for getting the children to school, so Jan could stay and rest in bed. However, medication is taking time to overpower this illness . She is getting weary with being sick!! Or as she says "damn fed up!!". With my healthcare background, I believe this reaction is GOOD news - when the patient starts complaining,  healing is taking place and recovery is on the cusp.

Or she just might be "damn fed up with being sick!!"

Darleen is growing weary of the emotional struggles with her workplace activities - and hopes does come to a conclusion soon.

As a result we have gotten behind in our adventure with the book and the exercises. We are managing to do the CD and follow the rules. Not much eating is taking place however due to - just not feeling very hungry.

Exercise -
Jan is out of commission until regains full breathing capabilities, without hacking or going into pulmonary bronchospasms.
Darleen did manage to do some very basic exercises today - when a pen was dropped on the floor and she had to bend and retrieve it. There was actually a witness!

As we recover from this week, we will continue to do our best - and 'get back to it' wholeheartedly with full recovery.

Stay Tuned!!

...darleen & jan


  1. What ??!! You bent down to PICK IT UP ????!!!!

    No way.