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DAY 35 - Exercise will not make you thin...


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Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

It seems that one reason, is that exercise makes you HUNGRY. And when we are hungry we EAT. Also we feel we are owed treats after we exercised - we deserve a reward, after all we just spent 2 hours huffing and puffing, not to mention the amount of sweat. We must have burnt enough calories for a month!! Think again, we are usually only burning off 200 - 300 calories during a routine workout - and then allow ourselves a Super Protein Shake.
If we are really lucky we break even.
How depressing? 

Actually, I think it is a good reason to cancel my gym membership.
Hoo Hah!
I hate exercise and there is now proof that it actually can make you fatter.
I feel better already. 

Oh ... but how do I get rid of this extra weight then? Wish it away? Maybe.

In the article -
 For Canada's obsese, exercise alone isn't going to cut it 

Again it seems that we can exercise rigorously and still not change the numbers on the scale. It is stated that this does not mean exercise is bad or useless, but it is only part of the equation, and a small part. It is more about what you put in your mouth. Also, something about we should not focus on exercise for weight loss - why else would I be doing it then? Back to how to concentrate and lose weight by harassing the fat cells to run screaming from my body.

Fat cannot turn into muscle apparently either - this is a myth or possibly an urban legend heard at most high priced gyms. "Well yes I actually have gained weight, since joining the gym - but that is due to the fat is being transformed into muscle!" said with a huge grin and standing tall to show off the new found muscle.
You are getting fatter!!

Ok, maybe you are gaining muscle, but simply not getting rid of the fat? This could be due to an incorrect exercise program focused on muscle gain, rather than aerobic for weight loss.

In the article
just started exercising...why am I gaining weight?
there is some good pointers, however I am not convinced that are for the benefit of maintaining health club memberships cash-flow, than truly helping us lose weight and become more healthy. 
There is a lot of controversy, and heated debates out there.
Good .. I will just lay down and rest while they all figure it out.

Or ... as hinted at in several of the articles that I Googled (too bad that is not weight reducing) - MAYBE, we all need to find what works best for our individual bodies. For some that is exercise and well planned diet. Others require drastic surgery to set them straight. Others a combination of diet changes and exercise.

My own experiences have shown that divorce is the quickest way to loose weight. And no .. not because you instantly lose 200 lbs of ugly fat - the husband!! Not totally sure why, but it appears that many people lose weight while recovering (is that the right word?) from divorce. Could be that sobbing burns off the fat, or fact that it is difficult to eat when sobbing and cutting the ex out of all the photos? Myself, I tended to live on nacho chips and salsa - but when emotionally stable (well as close as I get) the same trick does not seem to work. I have also noticed that  we 'eat out' more, when in a relationship - than when immersed in self discovery and pity party Saturdays in the post breakup/divorce stage. Of course this is all good, so that we return to ....
for enticing the next Perfect Mate.

hmm... this is all so confusing, and why can there not be a magic solution - and we can have our cake and eat it too? I would rather eat 2 cakes!! I actually may be working up a sweat just trying to figure out the best strategy. That calls for a beer  water!!

I will continue to follow the RULES  and also use tips that I come across that I can live with, and make sense for me. First on that list is  from this find:

Arianna Huffington and Cindi Leive 

from Huffington Post and Glamour



Sleep Challenge 2010: Women, It's Time to Sleep Our      Way to the Top. Literally.

Sweet Dreams!!

...darleen & jan


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