Tuesday, March 16, 2010


  DAY 22  LOG

We have returned from our sleep - well sort of.
Along with illness and time change - SPRING FORWARD - we are not so sure if awake, in coma, or coming back to life. By the end of this week we expect to know for sure - well maybe, as we seem to be in perpetual almost alive state since the birth of our first babies.

GREAT NEWS!!!  We weighed ourselves on weekend and ....  are you ready?

Darleen - lost 5 lbs and clothes are definitely getting baggy.
Jan -  LOST 9 lbs and definitely notices a difference. WOW!


And we cannot say that we really got into the exercise as much as hoped due to illness.

Jan has found that she is feeling calm and yet somehow motivated after listening to the CD.  She is just not sure what the motivation is directed towards yet - but she does feel it!! She did manage to clean her entire house. Including Spring Cleaning after dose of super antibiotics provided surge of energy and motivation. That is exercise!!

Darleen is finding the CD still difficult, and actually feels pain in legs and arms after listening, and often has trouble relaxing. However,  there are some people that might say that Darleen is rarely relaxed. It will be a new feeling to actually achieve.

We are continuing on .. and will release this week - our Easy Eating Recipes - hmm need a zippier title. Particularly breakfasts and bagged lunches, which are the trouble spots for us. We have had more issues with not feeling hungry until we are famished, and difficulty with early morning eating. Of course if someone was here to cook for us, we probably would not have trouble eating. Mornings are not our favourite time of day - thankfully there are no photos of us taken in morning or the times we had to throw a coat over our pjs to drive the kids to school. Jan will recall one of those incidents in particular, as that had to be day Emma's teacher decided she wanted a 'quick word'. No she was not hot in her ski jacket zipped up tight - she was just slightly warm.

Eating slow does take concentration. We are eating what we want and really paying attention (well almost all the time) to when we are full. Still having  a bit of trouble with certain food groups - chocolate, licorice, pie and others in the sweet food group. We do deserve these treats after all - don't we? Well maybe not, so that is our struggle. It is difficult to stop eating just one when there is an entire package just calling out to us. This is an area of the book that we need to test more - Craving Busters - although we have no intention of giving these wonders up entirely!!

Darleen decided that she wanted brownies on weekend, and due to trying to speed up the baking time used a mix. This was on a day that she was definitely not  at 100% due to flu and sleep disturbances. Feeling a bit scattered and fuzzy, proceeded to mix the brownies according to the directions and put into a glass square 8 inch pan... hmm seemed a bit thick, maybe more water? No all has been added, so slipped into oven. When the brownies were baking for about 10 minutes - Ken asked - what is this egg doing on counter?  Oops .. forgot to add egg. Well too late, now became an experiment.

A bit .. Chewy. Stuff that pulls out teeth.

Not the desired treat,  and when added to ice cream became solid and hard as rock candy!

 Maybe this is another secret? Make food so it is difficult to eat, and you will eat less!

Time to start moving, and with weather in the 'teens C - like +14  this week, Darleen may even 'feel the motivation' to do the 20 minute DARE to walk and add 2,000 steps.

...darleen & jan

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