Monday, March 22, 2010



Jan is completely over her illness - finally!! She has had a burst of super-woman energy as a result. Her entire house has been spic and spanned, and 'Spring Cleaning' (sorry for the profanity) is complete. She continues to listen to the CD - I CAN MAKE YOU THIN, hypnosis. This is the trick - you should not do it at night before going to sleep - or at least it has worked better for Jan to do in the morning, or afternoon when she is needing a motivation boost. What an Inspiration she is, particularly when kicking my butt in this endeavour.

Everything in it's place and the fans are like soldiers standing all in a row.

Darleen on the other hand .. pffft, is behind and really needs to get on track, but cannot release the demon flu bug living in her belly. Still working long hours, although has cutback considerably. The CD is gathering dust, and the ipod needs charging. Yes did buy a mango, and it is still sitting on the counter. Did buy natural yogurt and it is aging nicely in the fridge, and yes did buy the frozen fruit and it is resting comfortably in the freezer.  Motivation /Stay-cation - is more like it. Heck I have not even driven by my gym recently. The laundry is the entire accomplishment  - and the ironing still awaits.

PHOTOS - yes maybe that will help with keeping the motivation going or jump-start. Photos of us in our youth. This is recommended in the Menopause Makeover, for visualization - Inspirational ME Photo. And then 12 weeks later paste the NEW ME beside. Idea is to get as close to the old. 

So far this is the best shot of ME I can find and I am surrounded by children.
There isn't a hope in hell, even my nose can look the same.

Alright!! This is achievable, maybe even an Inspiration!!
No airbrushing was required.

So again, tomorrow is a new day and another chance to get it all right, or at least put out an effort.

Join us again tomorrow along our adventure.

...darleen & jan

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