Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DAY 9 - Water Is Better Than Chocolate!!



Our day was not much better, as far as stress and illness - but entertaining if nothing. Jan thinks she might avoid pneumonia and actually was able to stay upright for 60 minutes, before having to retreat back to her sick bed. 

Whoever invented Baileys should get the Nobel Peace Prize - added to coffee for stress and anti cough medicine, and to ensure that your children appear delightful. Really, if your children do not appear to be behaved after you add Baileys to your morning coffee - then add it to their cereal.
Wikipedia reports there is a 17% alcohol content - absolute genius!!

Darleen was involved in work contract negotiations and a 3 hour experience at Rogers PLUS - but I must send Mark a GOLD Star for his amazing talents and determination in Cell Phone Number Porting!!  

I now have a Blackberry 9700 -- Hoo Ha!! 

I have discovered the perfect way to prevent from binging on chocolate after a stressful day - take a 2 hour drive with a dog that hmm.. there are no delicate words to express the smell that was emitted. YES!! Dog Farts - bottle and store to SNIFF,  when you experience excruciating cravings to eat excessively!! GUARANTEED to eliminate any hint of cravings or we will give you the dog!! However, I must admit that he was perfectly behaved otherwise, and did not hear even a peep. Of course you didn't have to hear him, to know he was there.  Please pass the WATER!!

We are finding that our challenges this week have to do with just not really feeling hungry due to loss of appetite. So we are drinking more.
WATER that is!!

These past few days with our extra stresses has led us to believe water really can be better than chocolate - leading us to our Top 10 list.

Top 10 Reasons  Drinking Water Is Better Than Chocolate!!

10. It comes directly out of the tap.

 9.  If you spill it on yourself, it does NOT stain.

 8.  It is calorie free.

 7.  No best before date.

 6.  Even dogs can drink water.

 5.  You will not become addicted to water.

 4.  Water drinking is guilt free, even when you drink in excess.

 3.  You can brag about drinking water and how much.

 2.  You can take it to bed with you - even after brushing your teeth!

and ...

 1.  It is an excellent MIX for your ALCOHOL!!

We do promise to concentrate on the exercises in the book regarding how to eliminate cravings & increase motivation for exercise with acupuncture tapping and finger squeeze techniques
- we shall report our experiences.
Maybe even do a video.

We are committed to forge ahead to find our lean bodies again.

And tomorrow is another day.. which is already here for me, and 1 hour and 30 minutes for Jan.

Happy Drinking!!

...darleen & jan

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