Tuesday, March 2, 2010




Today was a STRESSFUL DAY!! Jan has severe bronchitis, and Darleen had stressful day with end of job. However we used the tools provided in the book, and pretty much made it through the day as far as not over-eating. It is becoming second nature to follow the RULES. Exercise is not quite there yet, but we have a lot going on!

Darleen has noticed clothes fitting a wee bit looser. NO weighing for 2 weeks, even though tempted.
Resigning from the  "Clean Plate Club" does cause some guilt feelings, but to overcome we are taking smaller portions to start with. Eating out we are making better choices, or as Darleen does - split it immediately in half. (other half can be lunch for next day).

Darleen's grandson Harvey eats until full - and enjoys!!

We are hoping for a better day tomorrow, but will not allow life's ups and downs to affect our eating!! Although it has affected Darleen's drinking - a wee bit - but the few beers and martinis for lunch will have to be limited.

Now back to the gym for Darleen, and back to bed for Jan.

...darleen & jan

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