Sunday, March 7, 2010

DAY 14 - DARE!!


We are continuing and following the 4 Rules. The post tonight will be brief due to downtime, and trying to get enough sleep. Listening to the hypnosis, getting well, drinking water and Jan painted her house. Er .. she painted one room in her house that is - exercise!! And she is recovering from the bronchitis attack. We are staying motivated and moving forward ..
and beyond.....

A  suggestion from my friend Sue,  has me trying a new App for my Blackberry (love BB apps) 
- from the Living Strong  website and the Daily Plate . 


Lance Armstrong is one of my heroes - and the website is amazing!

There are DARES for all aspects of our lifestyle - from quitting smoking (what is that you say Jan? LA LA LA - soon I will .. Dare Me?), lose weight, walk 20 minutes a day, to get pregnant. And many other goals to achieve the lifestyle that is right for you!!

Sue has had good results with using the tools on this site :

" take in less than I expend in a day (and have lost 20lbs in doing so, without changing much else - yippee! single digit sizes "

I think this might help as I am feeling that I am not eating enough, as still caught up in the fact that I need to starve myself to loose weight. Of course that is exactly what I am doing and putting my body into 'starvation' mode.  It is not a matter of actually stopping myself from eating, but rather I have trained myself to not feel hungry until I am famished - or sometimes I realize due to a sudden headache, or actually becoming faint. I really am an intelligent person - really, as soon as the skinny person gets back you will notice. I am hoping.

I think that all tools are useful, as long as we stay with the 4 Rules  - we need to retrain ourselves with an new lifestyle. Weight Watchers uses a similar approach and I also have been reading a book that  again is useful.

The Menopause Makeover

A similar approach as the Livestrong, as there are charts and journals to track your path. 

 I will review this book in a later post - there are charts in the book and can be downloaded, as well as an iPhone App. No Blackberry App, and the charts and calendars would work much better for myself if at least electronic, rather than paper. There is a lot of useful information, and addresses the reasons and coaches towards finding our happiness - Happiness is a Choice.

Pondering  ... I am wondering about men as they age and where is there Over the Hill Makeover? looks like a good place for us all to meet up.
I was intrigued by the recipes - yes, with nutritional details and  of course I had to give the recipe search a try.

Search: chocolate

RESULTS:  1 - 20 of about 3,436 for chocolate. YES!!

Even if the App makes me run 20 miles  to work that chocolate off.

New week - new chance to accomplish and find that happiness within.

 Let's DO IT!!

...darleen & jan


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