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Abdominal fat present in post-menopausal women, forming a pot belly.
Ugh, I have discovered the word for the additional fat that somehow stuck itself around my middle over the past 10 years - menopot. It slid in so gradually, that I welcomed it - until wham - I suddenly had no waist at all.  And the worst place to suddenly realize that my youth had fled,  leaving me with a wobbly mess to attempt to dress - in a store fitting room! The lighting always seems to enhance dimply cellulite and cast shadows in all the wrong places. The mirror definitely is some sort of wide-angled version, adding at least 10 lbs. To add to the joy of the moment of discovery I felt the hot ball of fire within expanding to  - HOT FLASH!! That was enough! I quickly put my loose shirt and baggy jeans (well they used to be baggy) back on ... and escaped.

How did this happen? I must admit I had felt I deserved to slow down, and move less. Not that I ever moved excessively.  I have always been the type of person who would avoid organized exercise.  I needed to rest just thinking about aerobics or step class. Luck had seen me through never really needing much more than the occasional walking routine and erratic half-assed attempts to be the Gym Goddess. What sort of payback is this for motherhood, hard work, extra hours burning the midnight oil to bring in the bacon?

So, I researched - or more accurately - googled: menopot. My results were not encouraging, and of course I am not alone and explains how there is  billion dollar industry selling magic cures of get SLIM In One Day pills and potions. There are 78 million baby boomer females going through menopause stages - at this moment. No wonder we have Global Warming! 

All reports I read, indicate it is avoidable and not exactly understood why the additional fat accumulates around the middle. One article stated the 'most definitely running 20 miles per week will eliminate the menopot'. The most comforting, and at the same time heartbreaking (I will never be 20 again!!) statement : 
You cannot completely get rid of it - goal should be to minimize. 
Humph ... not fair! 

Other advise that I found which also corresponds to the I CAN MAKE YOU THIN method - is that of self love, rather than self loathing, no starving to become 'as skinny as when I was 20 or die trying' - but gradually. All reports stressed - get up and MOVE!!

OK - so that sort of explains it without getting into the unappetizing clinical reasons. It is no reason to throw in the towel and give in to enlarging further - 'ahh well I cannot help it, as I am over 50 - chomp, slurp, stuff more food in - pass the wine and bon bons.'

I have done the exercises in the book with the Mirror to appreciate my body for what it is, and starting to get into the Motivation Power exercise, to associate motivation and moving. I am feeling a slight urge to go to the gym or walk .. but maybe I should just rest first. No passion.

I recalled a previous exercise attempt that I actually did stick to longer than 5 minutes - T-TAPP.
And there is a book - Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes -just maybe I could try this?


 AND MORE - Mindful Movement for Menopause Management ... hmmm

I have read the reviews, and majority rate the system, workouts and books 5 stars - with results.
T-Tapp is attractive to me due to not requiring any equipment and can be don't have to leave home.
A small space is all that is required.

I just might be able to motivate myself to do this....

Jan is still ill with bronchitis and concentrating on getting well.
Darleen is back to work and following the 'system' and actually starting to feel like exercising!!

... Get Well Jan!!!

...darleen & jan

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