Thursday, March 25, 2010



So today I could use a good drink!!  Not the answer you say? Pffft ... I said A drink, not a gallon.
After all, I am so tired will barely be able to finish one.

NEW BED arrives tomorrow - woo hoo!! Sleep is supposedly good for losing weight as well as rejuvenating youthfulness - beauty sleep. I think I may sleep a month.

oh, but again I am doing the blogging thing - I digress. Back to drinking and doing it right. - has all the good stuff and videos so you get it right!!

YDIAW: How to Make a Mai Tai

 So that is how it is done. So go do it. And I will have one as well, while you are at it!!

It is days like today, that I miss Jan being 4 blocks away. We could go for coffee, or maybe even a walk. That would be exercise!!  Walking to Alberta from Ontario is a bit much however.
Over the 35 years of friendship, we have managed to support each other from afar with some breaks in between.

Jan gave me a plaque or I prefer to call it a wall tablet - that has a prominent place in my bathroom, in order that I see it each morning and night. It says part of what our friendship has been about.

Down through 
the years 
we've stayed
close friends 
though near or
far apart,
and you will
always have a 
place in the 
garden of my

Sounds like a toast to me, Jan and sure all!!  
Drink up!! Sleep!! 

...darleen & jan

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