Monday, March 8, 2010



A new week and new chance at moving things forward.

Jan has been busy with family stuff, but managed to stay focused.
Darleen - not so much, but did not really over-eat as not eat properly. It is difficult - I  work in an empty office, and due to staff shortage,  rather stuck in place. Also on the phone most of day. Plus - just do not feel hungry. Probably could think of more excuses, but have been thinking a lot about how to improve - and drinking lots of water!!

Yesterday I mentioned the Livestrong.Com website - and also that they advertised a Blackberry App!!
Remember, and I was so excited, as this app will surely hold the key to my success to infinite beauty and the most svelte figure imaginable. Remember? 

So .. it is not available for the model/version of BB that I have - the Bold 9700 - the absolute best BB ...yet. 

I was stunned!! What the heck - how can I achieve my goals without this? 
And, I immediately emailed off a request:

" I really, really need this app to work on my new Blackberry 9700 in Canada  -- and in Kitchener - Waterloo. Where the RIM Blackberry is made and originates!!
Please let me know when this app will be available for MY BLACKBERRY!!
I will use the online tools while I wait ..  Thanks .. "

I received a response first thing this morning:

"Thanks for getting in touch with us. We do have plans to bring in our app on BB 9700. We are expecting it to be available in April.  :)"
How Cool is that??!!

In the meantime, off I went to the site and created my Profile and got started with the Daily Plate, and Fitness, and accepting my first Dare!!  How exciting!!

The site is amazing - Free version has almost all, but also a GOLD version with additional features  for $29.95/6 months or $45/ year. The site is - crisp, clean, easy to use, full of cool tools - and well just cool!!

How Many Glasses of Water  - cool tool:

CLICK ON THE + Add a Glass
  The Glass fills, and if you get carried away watching the glass fill and go past your 'honest' amount of water consumed 
- you can subtract.     
How Cool is that?

Or the Daily Nutrition cool tool 
- rather surprising  (or disgusting) as derived from my Daily Plate entries.

The graphic view is hard to argue with
 How cool is that?

I am very excited by this site 
- it has the 'right' stuff and the social site addons, that are both appealing and useful
- blog, chat, add friends,  and more...  How Cool is that?

  Try it!! ......
 I  gotta  run  - as I am being DARED to walk 20 minutes!!  

The 4 Rules. Hypnosis and Livestrong.Com  -- this is starting to be FUN!!

...darleen & jan

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